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And Then Some

Author: , 2011

Recently, I was talking with a friend and they were telling me about a speech they had read. The speech was about a salesman and the one simple principal of success that he saw over and over again in successful people. He saw:
  • They were successful in obtaining top positions because when it came to their work, they did what needed to be done and then some.
  • They had the happiest families and these were not the ones that were rich but the ones who spent time with each other, helped each other, and had respect for each other, and then some.
  • They had strong friendships because they were friends who were good friends, and then some.
  • They were always willing to help out, were kind, and thoughtful, and then some.
  • In any situation, you knew you could always count on them and then some.
  • They never gave up on any goals; when met with challenges they took action to over come the challenges and then some.
A Simple Principle
These three little words "and then some" are full of wisdom when you think about it. When I started thinking about it, you can apply these inspirational words to any situation in your life. You can always do what is needed to be done and then some. If you apply this principle, you will find that you will find success because over time "and then some" adds up to success.

Unfortunately, not all people believe that they should give more than they have to. You probably know the type of person about whom I speak. They are the individuals who always leave a few minutes before closing time, or the ones that just goof around for the last half-hour of their workday, or go and visit another colleague to chat up until it is time to leave. But, do not let these type of people dissuade you from going the extra mile. You will not only feel good about your contribution, but extra conscientiousness is noticed more often than not.

During the course of many years, I have often observed those around me who have given more than a lot of others. And, one of the things I decided before I became a supervisor was to ensure that those who went that extra mile - and then some - not only received recognition but were rewarded at the year end when it was time for those yearly performance review.

Even more recently, I have been in situations that I have thought of this principle and applied it, and it is amazing what happens. When it comes to your job, your friendships, your family, your commitments, I invite you to do what you have to do and then some!

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