Behavoir A Legacy

What does it take to leave a lasting legacy? There are many different thoughts on what is a lasting legacy.

Consider These Thoughts:
"My work... is my legacy."
Patrick Swayze

"My buildings will be my legacy... they will speak for me long after I'm gone."
Julia Morgan

Fund A Program
Some would suggest that you need to be able to fund a building for the arts, or to pay for a statute, or to lend your name to a special program that serves the community.

Maybe some of these suggestions would leave a legacy of note but each of these may fade with the passing of time. Is there another way?

Money For A Bursary
Well, if you had enough money, you could contribute to a bursary fund for higher education in a chosen field.

As long as the original amount of money given was managed properly, and invested wisely for the future, your legacy would last for quite some time.

But One That Cost Nothing?
But, there is a legacy we all create. It doesn't mean giving money, nor does it involve any particular social economic status, or race. It doesn't mean that we have to be a famous author, or a notable movie celebrity. or a famous singer of composer.

You may be a little surprised when you find out what it is. It is behavior.

That's right your behavior.
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