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"I believe that nothing in life is unimportant." John McLeod
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"When our self confidence is low we sometimes tend to believe what others think of us. We do not have the confidence in ourselves to believe otherwise."
from Overcoming Other People's Opinion
Confidence   |  

"When you believe and think you will succeed, the reality of success will follow sooner rather than later."
Kathryn Prentice, Positive Thinking: Simple Guide For Rapid Self Improvement And Feeling Happy Now
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"Believe with your whole heart that this Christ, whom God has given you, will enter in to live and work within you too, in order to make you into what the Father would have you to be."
Andrew Murray, Humility: The Beauty of Holiness
God   |  

"Some people (including me) believe that a good day depends on the morning that you have, so why not start this journey by changing the first part of your day. You will be surprised to see what an impact can have on your life and how it can make you change not only the way you see the world, but also the way the world sees you."
Lucas Bailly, Self Improvement: Improve Yourself Everyday Of Your Life And Take Your Self Development To The Next Level
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"My experience has shown me that the only way we change our belief is through our thoughts and actions."
Rahul Badami, Self Help: How to Change your Life in the next 15 minutes
Experience   |  

"The great majority of the greatest minds that have shaped our world believed in a Creator and a large number were, in fact, sincere and practicing Christians."
Michael Caputo, The Greatest Minds Believed in God
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"The companies I founded, the quotes I like to read are all about BELIEVE. So I challenge you today to think about what that one word is in your life."
Evan Carmichael
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"One must also recognize that two components of the brain are the conscious level and the sub-conscious level - both play a vast part in everything we believe."
Byron Pulsifer
What We Believe Becomes Who We Are   |  

"These people-and all winners-possess the will to win. It's a will that starts with a belief in our ability to achieve the goals we dream of accomplishing."
Chris S. Salazar, Living A More Positive Life
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"Most people who accomplished anything, whether in relationships, business, sports, knowledge, or anything else, did so because they first believed that they could do it and saw the opportunity."
Rita Chester, Complaining: A Life Free from Complaining
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"What you believe to be worse may actually be only bad when you compare yourself with others having the same problems or issues."
Lindsay J. Hallie, Happiness: Discover Happiness at Every Age... At Every Stage of Life
Happiness   |

"As you read the Bible, your beliefs begin to be changed if you accept what you read. In this way your mind starts to be renewed."
Tonia Woolever, The Woman God Designed
Change   |

"Belief in your purpose, your dreams and your destiny is the conviction that they must be fulfilled, and belief is the drive and confidence that will help you maintain that reality."
Tunji Ogunjimi, Glory Realm Living
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"God is continuously pouring his goodness and loving kindness on you and all He wants from you – Is believe and receive."
Gloria Coleman, Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation
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"It's in the valley of decision, that anxious and confusing place, where we demonstrate who we are and what we really believe."
Alice Camille, 2009: A Book of Grace-Filled Days
Decision   |  

"If we believe in God, we can overcome any problems in our life."
Jimmy Che, 365 Bible Verses and Joel Osteen Quotes
Problem   |  

Politics aside, I admire Obama for his attitude towards life. He has always believed in his people and it was this belief that saw him win the hearts of so many.
Karen Barrett, Wisdom from Barack Obama: Inspiring Quotes
Attitude   |  

In the Bible, the Apostle Peter says we should be able to defend our faith. He encourages us to prepare to give good reasons for why we believe what we do.
Brian Johnston, Overcoming Objections to Christian Faith
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