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So in order for you and me to enjoy all the wonderful blessings that God has prepared for us, we must fall in love with prayer. Dave Roberson, The Walk of the Spirit
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Words have tremendous power, they can build you up and they can also tear you down, they can curse and they can bless. Brian R Murphy, Fear Not
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If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you. Mary DeMuth, Live Uncaged: Find the Freedom You've Always Wanted
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We are blessed to have a great many New Testament manuscripts that allow us to determine with astounding certainty which parts belonged to the original documents and which were not. Michael Caputo, Bible Study: Going to the Source of Spiritual Success
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Stand in awe of Him, and be grateful for each and every thing that God has blessed you with. Robert Woeger, God
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And the promise of Scripture is that when we act according to His word, we will find blessing, spiritual prosperity and good success. G B Woodcock, One with Christ | Series Three
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Teaching your child to take care of their personal belongings means teaching them to appreciate God's blessings. David Bishopson, How to Discipline a Child
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We should live every day that God has blessed us with as though it was our very last, for we know not when that day will come. Priscilla Doremus, Focused: A Daily Devotional
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Time is never wasted in the presence of God. No matter how busy the day is, no matter how important or long the to-do list, when we choose to begin each day with God and let Him quiet us, fill us, prioritize our day, He will bless us with more than we can even imagine. Michele Ellison, Jesus Peace: 31 Days Finding Peace in His Presence
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Sometimes God blesses us just because he wants to. We have not done anything great or wonderful to deserve the goodness of God, but he sees us as wonderful through the blood of Jesus, and deserving of a blessing. Ruthie Spoonemore, Faithful Living
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What are ways you can check yourself to make sure your words are blessing others and not wounding them? Sarah Young, Jesus Calling Book Club Discussion Guide for Women
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When seeing a person continuing to make these strides in their personal lives and make those connections with other people to guide them onto a path in which they will encounter the Lord as well, God will then continually bless those who seek Him and and pursue this righteousness not just for themselves, but for others as well. Chris Johnston, Joel Osteen: 50 Best Life Lessons, Teachings And Quotes
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