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"If you compared your troubles, or challenges, with those of others, you would surely find that there are those whose troubles make yours look like minor inconveniences."

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"Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character."
Author Unknown, Be Thankful
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"Understand that it is ok to be scared or uncertain, however right beyond those barriers ultimately lies your dreams."
Josh Hinds
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"By cultivating gratitude you eventually expand your internal sense of what is possible, regardless of seeming obstacles and challenges you go through."
Veronica Smith, Loving Yourself
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"A life filled with vicissitudes, uncertainty and hard lessons provides us with skills to better approach new challenges that come along."
Vivian Eisenecher, Recovering Me, Discovering Joy
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"We must allow ourselves to be adorned by lessons derived through hardships and challenges."
Tony Narams, Top Secret: You Can Fly Like An Eagle
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"While he did have faith and passion he had many challenges to overcome. It was not an easy ride to success, but his through his faith and a passion he did make it."
Catherine Pulsifer
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"Focused will is incredible. If you have a dream and you don't give up no matter what obstacles come up, then life's problems will fall away and you will get what you want. It happens. It works."
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Part of the challenge that comes with striving for success is how the entire journey comes with its own fair share of failures and disappointments.
Rupert Johnson, Build for Success
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"I have also worked with leaders who have a positive outlook, and the morale is so different. Even when faced with challenges, the people looked for solutions."
Byron and Catherine Pulsifer
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Expect obstacles and face them head on. They are going to come up so the way you handle them is what makes all the difference.
lance dale, A Shot of Positivity: Overcoming Obstacles
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"When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out."
David Weatherford
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"Life's up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want." Marsha Sinetar

"Sometimes, instead of climbing over the barricades, you've got to walk around them." Bono

"I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship." Louisa May Alcott

"Life is very interesting. In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths." Drew Barrymore

"Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise." Kobe Bryant

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