Christmas Poems

Christmas Poems Page 1
- A collection of short poems.

Christmas Poems Page 2
- Christmas For All Ages
- It's Christmas Time
- Christmas Is A Time
- Do You Believe

Christmas Poems Page 3
- My Christmas Wish To YOU
- May You Always
- A Childs Wish

Christmas Poems Page 4
- Born In A Manger
- A Time For Joy
- If Only

Christmas Poems Page 5
- The Christmas Star
- All That Is Christmas
- Christmas Is . . .
- He Stands Among Us Still!

Christmas Poems Page 6
- Time For Giving
- What Christmas Means To Me
- Words To Consider About Giving
- Christmas Fun

Christmas Poems Page 7
- The Perfect Christmas Song
- A Christmas Without Despair
- When I Think of Christmas

Christmas Poems Page 8
- Years of Christmas Time
- Traditions

Christmas Poems Page 9
- Christmas Time
- The Stable
- Fear Not

Still Stops Our World
Catherine Pulsifer 2015

Christmas a time for children
That is for certain
But for others
It is time to love your brothers.
A time where we do see peace,
Where fighting actually does cease.
Giving gifts and sharing with all,
When the world seems anew.
Like that first Christmas morn,
When Jesus was born.
A miracle that happened long ago,
Still stops our world and shines a glow.

The Peace of Christmas
Catherine Pulsifer 2017

As Christmas comes near the world changes
we see peoples attitudes and caring ways.
People helping people really doing their best
To ensure this Christmas is one that will bring happiness.
A time of the year when the heart is open
To help others and to love one another.
If only this attitude could last all year long
Our world would be so much more peaceful
And happiness would be for all.

A Christmas Message
Poet: Julie Hebert 2015

I have a message for you,
And I do believe it's grand.
During this Christmas Season,
It's time to take a stand.

Remember the reason for Christmas,
And what it represents.
Jesus, loving and welcoming,
It's not just about presents.

So take this Christmas message,
And pass it far and wide.
Christmas is a time for caring,
Let's share this message, amplified.

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