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Christmas For All Ages
Poet: Julie Hebert 2015

When we were kids ourselves,
We thought of Christmas time,
To be just for us,
Parents were not the prime.

But now that we are older,
We see that Christmas is great.
Not just for young children,
But for for us adults who love to celebrate.

It's Christmas Time
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

Towards the end of November,
You start to feel it in the air.
Christmas time is coming,
As it does but once a year.

So many things to get done,
Presents, Christmas greetings and more.
This rushing season has begun,
Sometimes feeling like a chore.

But once things get done,
You can relax a little more.
Sit back and take in the season,
All the favourite things you adore.

Enjoy all the music
And the calmness that it brings.
Sing about Rudolph,
And the three wise kings.

Let the light aluminate,
Your house, yard and tree.
There is magic in the air,
I think we'd all agree.

Christmas Is A Time
by Catherine Pulsifer 2017

Christmas time is a special time
Excitement and anticipation
For boys and girls
A time for dreams and whishes.

A time for families to come together
A time for friends to celebrate
A time for fun and good cheer
A time for caroling and music too.

A time to decorate the house
And trim the tree.
A time to wrap the presents
And fill the stockings.

But at Christmas time we
Should remember that first Christmas
Take the time to thank God above
For sending His son for those He loves.

Do You Believe
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer 2015

Do you believe
Or do you feel deceived
I hate to tell you
But the famous Santa is for real
Trust me, he is a big deal!

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