Christmas Poems Page 4

Born In A Manger
by Catherine Pulsifer

Born in a manger
Was that of a Savior
How little did they know
How heaven and earth were a glow.

This baby he did grow
And lived to thirty-three you know
But the influence of His presence
Gave us all the best present.

He taught about love
About the kingdom above
For our sins He did die
A gift we cannot repay.

Lord Jesus we thank you
Your presence is true
Our love for you is great
And at Christmas we celebrate.

A Time for Joy
by Catherine Pulsifer

A time for joy
For the girls and boys
Xmas brings hope
Of all good things.

Decorations and trees
Turn the lights on please
Good friends and family too
Presents and surprises for you.

A day to reflect
A day of respect
For all you have been blessed
Let your joy be expressed.

May this Christmas bring
All special things
May you find happiness and joy
May you even receive a toy.

If Only
by Catherine Pulsifer

If only every day
Held the spirit of Christmas day
To capture that feeling always
Year round would be the best way
If only every day
We would be so kind
To our fellow man
Year round would be the best way.

If only every day
We share and give
So that others may happily live
Year round would be the best way.

If only every day
We expressed our love
And thanked God above
Year round would be the best way.

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