Christmas Poems Page 8

Years of Christmas Time
Poet: Julie Hebert 2016

Years of Christmas time
My very first
memory of Christmas time,
Was back when I was quite young.
Putting up our Christmas tree,
My family I was among.

Then later in my early teens,
My memory is quite the same.
Decorating the Christmas tree,
Closeness a
family we came.

As a young adult things did change,
I would put my own tree up.
But when the day came, things felt the same,
As together we always wound up.

Now the years passed with kids of my own,
I find myself thinking back.
Traditions stay strong as I pass them along,
Together we always comeback.

Poet: Julie Hebert 2016

There is something each of us knows quite well,
We do them every year.
Traditions passed down throughout the years,
When holidays are finally here.

Christmas time especially,
We pull out our favourite things.
We can hardly wait until our kids are old enough,
To participate in these things.

And once we're able to pass them along,
We can only hope they'll do the same.
Traditions are very important to us,
Just like passing on our surname!

But just like us, our
children do to,
Love traditions and all that they hold.
They want nothing more than to pass them along,
Traditions will always be told.

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