Christmas Poems Page 9

Christmas Time
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer 2016

Let Christmas be the time of year that you spend with people dear.
A time for joy for all girls and boys.
A time to sing and hear the church bells ring.
A time to share and show you care.
A time to trim the tree and dance with glee.
A time to feast and share with the least.
A time for gifts and walking in snowdrifts.
Let Christmas be the time to remember Jesus paid the debt.
Take the time to praise
God and stand in awe!

The Stable
Poet: Grace Noll Crowell

I am so glad He was not born
In some rich palace bed.
I am so glad to know it was
A lowly place, instead,
A place where soft-eyed cows and sheep
Were sheltered and fed.

For to the country-born of earth
A stable will ever be
A wholesome place, where night comes down
With its tranquility,
A place of heart's ease and content
For all who choose to see.

And so I like to think of Him,
First opening His eyes
In that good elemental place
Beneath the friendly skies.
That the men of fields could find Him there,
As well as the great and wise.

Fear Not
James A. Dillion

Not to the priest in the temple of old,
Not to the king in his palace of gold,
Not to the famous - the men of the hour,
Not to the great with their might and their power;
But to the shepherds alone in the night
God sent His glorious angels of light,
Bearing their tidings, so blessed and true,
"Fear not! a Saviour is born unto you."

Not to the men who in arrogant pride
March ever on over life's surging tide;
Not to the boastful who make their life's aim
Only to seek after worldly acclaim;
But to the humble, the meek, and the low,
When in the night of great trial and woe,
God sends His Spirit to whisper anew,
"Fear not! Your Saviour abideth with you!"

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