Christmas Wishes

At this special time of year we want you to know we are thinking of you and we are sending you this note to wish you all the best all that life can be!
Encouragement   |   Life

Wall Art To Help Celebrate
Trimming the tree with happy hearts. That's the way the holidays start.
Happy   |   Vacation

May the birthday of Christ remind you of the miracles of this season. Wishing you many miracles this Christmas.
Birthday   |   Miracle

Thanksgiving and Christmas a time to reflect and be thankful for all we have. And, you are always on my list of blessings. This message is one filled with thanksgiving and love.
Thanksgiving   |   Blessed   |  

My wish is that your Christmas be bright and merry. And may our friendship never change.
Friendship   |   Change

Christmas is a time of holidays, wise men, and presents; but never let us forget to have faith and remember the reason of this season. Wishing you all the best this Christmas.
Faith   |   Wisdom   |  

Our wish for you this Christmas is that it will be one full of all of your favorite things and may the kindness of the season fill your heart.
Christmas   |   Kindness

Greetings of the season and may you experience rich memories that linger long after the season is gone.
Memories  |   Experience

My Christmas wish for you is that you will be blessed. And may your days be filled with peace and happiness.
Prayer  |   Peace

Hope you are inspired to be extra good this year, so Santa will find you. Wishing you a jolly Christmas.
Inspiring   |   Hope

The angels are singing! May you experience the music of heaven during this special time of year. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
Music   |   Angel

May you the same wonderment and belief that children have, fill your heart during this holiday season. Wishing you a child like excitement this season.
Children   |   Believe

Our wish for you both, as you experience new beginnings in this your first Christmas together, may the bonds of marriage give you many happy and memorable years together.
Marriage   |   New Beginnings

Wishing you a Christmas filled with dreams come true, wonder, and love.
Love   |   Dream

Seasons greetings and happiness to you and your loved ones. May your home be filled with love and laughter.
Happiness   |   Laughter

Best wishes not just for Christmas but also for every day of the new year.
Happy New Year   |   Future

Home Quotes
From our house to your house, blessings of the season to you.
Count Those Blessings   |   Brotherhood

In this beautiful season our wish is that you may you be happy, healthy, and merry.
Beauty   |   Health

Wishing you positive times, good friends, and a world of happiness.
Positive   |   Friend

May your Christmas be full of great surprises and good cheer. Our Christmas wish is for you is one filled with happiness and love.
Good   |   Great

Best wishes, family love, and warm memories to a person we appreciate.
Family   |   Appreciation

May God bless you and give you much peace and happiness this Christmas. Wishing you peace and blessing!
Music   |   God

A wish for you my sister, trusting God that your Christmas will surround you with those you love and cherish.
Sister   |   Trust

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