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We all have obligations - things or people we have committed to. Let these commitment quotes give you examples and thoughts of what it means to commit to relationships, work, sports, and more. Simply put, commitment is when we show responsibility and follow through on what we said we were going to do.

"I will do this!" is an affirmation that makes the whole universe rejoice, and with that commitment, you will find the universe conspiring to help you achieve your goal. Wally Amos
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Employers sometimes think that younger people are more adaptable, learn more quickly and have more energy to dedicate to work, but they also recognise that older workers are often more committed, more reliable, and have wisdom and common sense.
John Lees, How To Get A Job You Love
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Willpower is all about committing to a schedule to do something over the longterm.
Alex Altman, Time Is Money
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It still takes a serious commitment and honest effort for your goals to come to fruition.
Alex Altman, Take Action!
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If you do get into situations where you've taken on too much (and I do this regularly, by the way!), you need to realize that renegotiating your commitments to yourself and others is better than burning yourself out trying to meet them all.
Graham Allcott, How to be a Productivity Ninja
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If you want to achieve a career breakthrough it's vital that you commit some time to exploring your sectors of interest.
John Lees, How To Get A Job You Love
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It is discipline that will help you follow through on the commitment you made on your wedding day.
David Khalil, Principle 10
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 If you deny yourself commitment, what can you do with your life? Harvey Fierstein
If you deny yourself commitment, what can you do with your life?
Harvey Fierstein
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While it is simple to learn how to recognize and manage emotions, it is not easy. It takes work. It takes commitment.
Charlene Richard, The Art of Saying NO with Grace and Respect
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That beautiful statement of commitment is the language of covenant marriage.
Gary Chapman, The 30-Day Love Language Minute Devotional Volume 1
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Don't lose sight of your goals and commitment. The road to success can be long and hard, but it will all be worth it in the end.
Paul Bailey, Your Little Steps to Self Confidence for Life
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The only cure for adrenal fatigue consists of a conscious decision to make positive life changes and a commitment to total wellness.
Joy Marensky, Beat Adrenal Fatigue Guide
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Another great way to ensure you stay committed to the cause is to offer yourself rewards every time you feel that you have achieved a milestone.
Annabelle Higgins, Self Discipline
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Many times, we commit to things because we are worried about hurting someone's feelings, don't want to be left out, or have some feeling of guilt or obligation.
Michelle Stewart, De-Stress Your Life
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Women managers and leaders may often be juggling work, career development and family commitments and may not have the time or energy to treat themselves.
Mike Pedler, A Manager'S Guide To Self-Development
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You need to have a commitment to do what you do better than anyone else.
Amy Dix, Brand New You
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Whether you are working toward a healthier diet, a more active lifestyle, better relationships, reducing stress, becoming a happier person - any success starts with a commitment to yourself to move forward and make it happen.
Eileen Rose Giadone, The Habit Fix: The New Habit Guide to Getting Happy and Healthy in 7 Simple Steps
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A committed, energetic, enthusiastic, and inspiring leader is more likely to have a cooperative, hardworking, and victorious team.
William C. Oakes, Christlike Leadership: Leadership that Starts with an Attitude
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Encourage suggestions - Let your team members know that while you are not committed to accepting every idea, you are always open to suggestions.
Jeffrey Morales, Leadership: 33 Lessons on How to Become A Proactive Leader and Successfully Build A Phenomenal
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We should remain true to our course; which may mean committing yourselves to things that people around you would normally disapprove.
Olehile Fischer Thataone
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With a powerful desire, with a strong determination, and with a commitment to yourself, you can find ways to achieve your goals, and overcome challenges.

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We need to differentiate between commitment and involvement. While they seem to be similar concepts, in reality, they are poles apart.
Romuald Andrade, Procrastination
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Today, many will make the commitment to be a better mother, father, son, daughter, student, teacher, worker, boss, brother, sister, and so much more. Why not you?
Steve Maraboli, from Why Not You?
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Successful people make unwavering commitment to overcome every fear which might serve as an obstacle in their lives and prevent them from achieving their goals.
Scott Hinsborough, How To Increase Self Confidence
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The most important element in the failure equation is your personal commitment to keep trying.
Catherine Pulsifer
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Commitment in the face of conflict produces character.
Author Unknown
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To make positive change requires lasting commitment, lasting commitment requires measurable targets, measurable targets requires detailed action plans, detailed action plans requires a goal you desire, desire requires a positive attitude to change your life, and the option to change your life requires WORK.
Byron Pulsifer
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Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do it well; whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself to completely.
Charles Dickens
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Commitment is a big word that requires both guts and diligence and change is never easy.
Henry Good, Selfishness
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Commitment gets the Universal wheels turning on your behalf.
Jeannette Maw, LOA for the Real World: 7 Big Fat Clues to Getting What You Want
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The essence of love is a total commitment to the good of the other but it also embodies graciousness and humility.
Michael Hill, The How and Why of Love
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Nothing in this existence is more important than being committed to the Christ, than trusting in Him, and than being in a personal relationship with Him.
James Thomas Lee Jr, Four Biblical Ways to Overcome Deep Depression
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It's usually the pressure that keeps us from doing the things that we want to do. We have to eliminate this pressure by freeing ourselves from the commitments that intimidate and prevent us from moving forward.
David A. Hunter, How To Stop Procrastinating
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The important thing is to make sure no day passes without you committing at least half an hour to commune with God.
Bobbie Parsons Jr, Prayers: Praying For Gods Will In Your Life
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If you have a hard time with commitment, simply begin by deciding that you are going to follow through, and do what you say you are going to do.
Steve Williams, Grit, Discipline, Perseverance: The Emotional Habits That Drive Success
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Your freedom is your ability to choose what you give your attention to, what you believe, what you commit to, where you devote your energy, and the kind of person you will be.
Neville Berkowitz, How To Live In The Now: Achieve Awareness, Growth and Inner Peace in Your Life
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There is no point in praying for victory over temptation if we are not willing to make a commitment to say no to it.
Josh Hunt, The Great Books -- Knowing God
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Are you that committed to doing and finishing God's Work, as Christ was? (John 4: 34). Are you that dedicated to getting God's message to the world?
Gerald Flurry, John's Gospel: The Love of God
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Raising a family and particularly young children is a lifetime commitment and no easy feat. From the moment of birth, parents are tasked with the job of shaping their children's life, teaching important lessons and providing them with strong morals and values.
S. J. Baker, Parenting The Strong-Willed Child: Modern Parenting Methods That Work
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