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The web is fantastic for research, but poor for communication. A tweet is forgotten in seconds, an email in minutes, a phone call forgotten in about half an hour, but a good face-to-face meeting (followed up by a thank-you note) can be remembered for six months or more. John Lees, How To Get A Job You Love
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Having money discussions are important: they should be part of the communication before living together, before marriage, and while making a life together. Michael Henson, Morning Routine
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Social media have transformed communication and they can transform your job search. Jenny Rogers, Facing Redundancy
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The armor of God is his word in the Bible, his direct communications with us and his holy spirit, who is with us always. L E Kinzie, Undamned
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We, as human beings, learn through sharing and communicating. Hugo Reynolds, Confidence
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Tough conversations, where you share what's really happening and your true communication needs, are your opening to intimacy. Deep relationships lie on the other side of tough conversations. Teresa de Grosbois; Karen Rowe, Mass Influence: The Habits of the Highly Influential
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The capacity to develop and communicate a corporate strategy has become a necessity for every leader to ensure support from stakeholders. Fons Trompenaars; Piet Hein Coebergh, 10 Management Models
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Character, communication, competence and 'chemistry' are the measures that we employ to identify the man or woman who is genuine. Les Norman; Pilar Norman, Never Have A Minute To Call Your Own: Well, Now You Do
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Speech is our primary means of communication. If it's important, we tell people about it. Brian Knapp, Creative Pursuit
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The use of sense organs by souls complements communication with the subconscious mind. Michael Newton, Destiny of Souls
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