David DeNotaris Quotes Page 2

"Focus your energy on greatness."
David DeNotaris
Focus   |  

"We can choose whether the situation makes us bitter or better."
David DeNotaris
Attitude   |  

"Dissatisfaction can be the driving force change."
David DeNotaris
Quotes about Change   |  

"Look for opportunities to help someone else, but don't give expecting something in return. Give knowing that if we give we receive."
David DeNotaris
Opportunity   |  

"One lesson that we must continue to relearn is not to be afraid to ask for help from people who are doing the things we want to do, going the places we want to go, and being the person we want to become."
David DeNotaris
Helping And Reaching Out Goes Both Ways   |  

"Happiness comes from within, not from without."
David DeNotaris
Happiness Quotes   |  

"An emotional hug can be a thinking-of-you letter, a thank-you card, or a phone call."
David DeNotaris
Love   |  

"Dissatisfaction is a great starting point, for it is right there that we have the most power, strength, and energy to push change through."
David DeNotaris
Words of Encouragement   |  

"I believe the first step in any success-sports, work, a service group, whatever-is showing up."
David DeNotaris
Work   |  

"Ask advice from the people who are doing what you want to do. I believe that success leaves clues."
David DeNotaris
Success Quotes   |  

"Never be too busy or involved in something to offer someone a helping hand. It may be the same hand that helps you one day."
David DeNotaris
Time   |

"I like the acronym H.U.G. The letters stand of Helping Unlock Greatness."
David DeNotaris
Greatness Quotes   |

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