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Easter is the celebration of the the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The whole Christian faith is based on Easter. Let these Easter quotes remind you of the significance this day holds. Easter falls on a Sunday between 21 March and 25 April.

It is Easter. This is a season when we reflect on the suffering, sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Emily Belle Freeman, Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter
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How can we joyfully anticipate Easter Sundayís power without mournfully remembering our weakness?
Christopher Greer, Easter is Coming: A Devotional Journey with Jesus
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Easter celebrates an event that proved Jesus was who he claimed to be. He was God in the flesh, and he came to Earth to save us. And that meant he had to die for us.
Rick Warren
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The world is waking up after a long winter.  Easter is a time to celebrate life! Trudi Strain Trueit
The world is waking up after a long winter. Easter is a time to celebrate life!
Trudi Strain Trueit, Easter (Holidays and Celebrations)
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As we celebrate the Resurrection this Easter, let us remember that it is His life alone by which we must be revived daily until He returns.
Dr. David Jeremiah
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Today is Easter, but what does it mean? It's a time of renewal for each and everything.
Sharon Gardner, Holidays in Poem for the Heart of a Child
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The Hallmark version of Easter is not the real deal. The real story is as manly as manly gets.
Michael Burns, Easter: Beyond the Bunny
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Easter has come to be known as the day of the resurrection of Jesus. His resurrection from death and the ramifications of that resurrection are the very foundation of Christianity and one in which every Christian must stand.
Murl Gwynn, Easter
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Easter is significantly symbolic to Christians in that during that period, Jesus Christ offered himself as a sacrifice so that we could be all saved from sin.
Francis Okumu, Easter: Meaning, Poems, And Trivia
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This week, whatever you may be facing, remember that in three short days, the disciples and family of Christ went from hopelessness to hopeful - from devastation to celebration, from defeat to victory! Because of the cross and the tomb, you have a hope in Christ!
Sheri Easter, Eyes Wide Open: A Weekly Devotional Series for the Busy Woman
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In terms of an image, this is what Lent is meant to be, time in the desert to courageously face the chaos and the demons within us and to let God do battle with them through us. The result is that we are purified, made ready, so the intoxicating joy of Easter might then bind us more closely to God and each other.
Ron Rolheiser OMI, Daybreaks: Daily Reflections for Lent and Easter
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And Easter, the most important church festival, offers the perfect opportunity to examine the relationship between the spiritual and the secular, the sacred and the profane, and between humanity and God.
Michael Arditti, Easter
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We want to shield children from the ugly story of how people turned on Jesus and killed him. But no one of any age can get to Easter joy without knowing what happened on Friday.
Carolyn C. Brown, Sharing the Easter Faith with Children: Helping Children Observe Lent and Celebrate Easter
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Easter is a time that family and friends get together. Some for religious purposes and some to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Either way it is a celebration of renewal and typically finds people with a positive outlook.
Jean LeGrand, Easter Brunch
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Easter is very important to me, it's a second chance.
Reba McEntire
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The beauty and majesty of the Lenten and Easter season is that the grace of God flows freely to those who confess their sins and seek God's healing touch.
Brian Simmons, Jeremy Bouma, Grace and Hope: A 40-Day Devotional for Lent and Easter
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The church arrives at Easter, the oldest and most sacred feast of the Christian year, by way of a fast. Like Advent, the season of Lent has given Christians throughout history a period of time to prepare for the coming holiday through practices of reflection, repentance, prayer, and self-restraint.
Beth Bevis
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If Advent/Christmas is a revelation of God's presence with us, then Lent/Easter is a revelation of Godís desire to use all of life for our wholeness and our healing - the revelation that he will pull life from death.
Greg Pennoyer, God For Us Reader's Edition: Rediscovering the Meaning of Lent and Easter
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In many Christian traditions, the period before Easter is seen as a time of spiritual preparation for the day we later celebrate and welcome the "grand miracle" Christ accomplished through the cross.
Michael G. Maudlin
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His sacrifice is the heart of the story. But not the end of the story. The Lord's resurrection is the most glorious, victorious moment in history.
Liz Curtis Higgs, The Women of Easter
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I thought Christmas and Easter were about Santa Claus and bunny rabbits, and truthfully, I didn't know anything about Jesus until I was in my 20's.
DavidPaul Doyle, Candace Doyle, The Voice for Love
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