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"For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward." Jim Rohn
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Giving your special someone sincere compliments shows that you notice their efforts and strengths.
Philip Vang, Love: Relationship: 31 Steps to Show Your Love
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I was beginning to understand that even the strongest bars can be bent if we apply enough effort."
Tony Clark
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If you want to declutter your home, this simply means that you're making an effort to have a simpler house.
Beth Jones, Simple: 30 Ways to Declutter Your Life
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If you truly love someone, you will desire to make the effort to spend quality time with them to get to know them deeper.
Robert Woeger, God Time
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If a family member has admitted their mistakes and is now making an effort to come back to you with renewed commitment and love, be fast to forgive.
Matt Morris, MINDFULNESS: How To Live In The Present Moment
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Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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This I do know beyond any reasonable doubt. Regardless of what you are doing, if you pump long enough, hard enough and enthusiastically enough, sooner or later the effort will bring forth the reward."
Zig Ziglar
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Effort - It's a solo performance that only you can control.
Author Unknown
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Success is measured simply by the amount of effort we put forth, in conquering our objectives.
Robert M. Hensel
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To make the effort, to chart a new course, to take a risk on a new career building strategy, or to start a brand new business is challenging enough without having to listen to those who have no words of encouragement when times get tough, who offer only the same old way of thinking, who are willing to spend more time whining than doing, or who are jealous of your desires because they are too lazy, too scared, or too willing to keep doing what they've always done and get what they've always got.
Byron Pulsifer
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Roosevelt's obvious mnemonic genius matched his indefatigable effort and humility.
Ron Smith, Read to Lead
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You have to make a plan and set a date by which you achieve it so that you double or triple your efforts to hit your own personal deadline.
Devan Skywisdom, VISION BOARD
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All the energy, emotions, and hard work driving towards one goal you FULLY believe in - something you feel is entirely worth the efforts - then it becomes a reality.
Andrew Wright Sr., Confidence: Comfortable In My Shoes
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Acting upon your convictions is the most difficult of all human efforts.
Helen Mayhew, Assert Yourself: How to Stand up for Yourself
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A person's name is important to them. Make an effort to learn people's names so they'll be more likely to respond to what you have to say.
Andrea Plos, Sources of Wealth
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