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Expect and prepare for criticism, discouragement, and sabotage from others. Laugh them off, avoid them, and take counter-measures as needed. Mike Buffington, Hacking Laziness
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Though many are the forces threatening our Christian family unity, we must encourage one another and build each other up Priscilla Doremus, Focused: A Daily Devotional
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The goal then is to pay that forward and encourage others to do the same while leading a righteous life by example, always striving to forgive the trespasses of others and forgive yourself as well. Chris Johnston, Joel Osteen: 50 Best Life Lessons, Teachings And Quotes
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The right way is the "Jesus" way and he will help and encourage you to be the best that you can be for him. Brian R Murphy, Fear Not
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When you are around people that have the same mindset as you do, it helps encourage you to work towards your goals even more. Michael Henson, Morning Routine
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The reason a smile attracts people in a social gathering is that they encourage positive response. Genevieve Amor, Self Esteem
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While I encourage my friends in their goals and point out their strengths even when they fail, it's a lot harder to show myself the same level of understanding. Janet Springer, Unbreakable Willpower
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When you are whole, you offer a whole load more to any relationship that you form and are much more likely to encourage the right kind of people into your life because you won't accept less. Joanna Jackson, Self Help
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People are basically more willing to work together, when the atmosphere encourages it. Adam Burns And Sandra Banks, Leadership Basics
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. . . choose to confide in friends with sunny dispositions who will encourage you to be more positive. Zayne Parker, Anxiety: Mastery
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"The middle of the road is a poor place to walk. It is a poor place to drive. It is a poor place to live." Vance Havner
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"Today is the oldest you have been, and the youngest you will ever be. Make the most of it!" Nicky Gumbel
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Setting An Example
"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world." Jack Layton
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"There's much you can't change, but there's something important you can change: you." Rick Warren
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"Give children encouragement, they will gain confidence, they will perform better." M. K. Soni
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New research shows we can take control of our capacity to learn. We can all get to be better learners. Eimantas Gabalis, How To Get Smarter: How To Increase Your Brain Power And Intelligence
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"We do learn something about ourselves when we are up against the wall, and we do most certainly come out stronger."
Tina Sloan

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"We don't have to wait for something nice to happen to us, we can be aggressive and do something nice for ourselves." Joyce Meyer, eat the cookie. . .buy the shoes
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"It seems that success is not acquired by doing what we want to do but doing the tasks necessary to make it happen. " Joe Allen and David Donaldson, How to be Successful
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"Taking an interest in what others are thinking and doing is often a much more powerful form of encouragement than praise." Robert Martin
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"If you want to dismiss a negative thought, the only way to do so is to think of something positive and constructive." Emmet Fox
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"It's amazing what eliminating energy drains can do to our mood. Remember how good you felt when you finally went through your closet and cleaned out the old clothes that you were sure you'd wear again someday?" Cheryl Richardson
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"How often do we hesitate to pursuer our dreams because we feel deficient in talent, knowledge, or experience - the perceived roots of success. But chances are that we carry untapped strengths and abilities which, when enfolded within the mist of optimism, can conspire to accomplish marvelous things." Gina Mohammed, Ph. D.
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"If we are sowing spiritual seeds by doing the right thing, then we will reap the blessed results of that as well. The seeds we are sowing today will be reaped in the years to come." Greg Laurie
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'Being genuine doesn't mean residing perfect. It indicates doing our best to connect like real people." Yhan Lingad, The Benefits Of Aptitude
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"Most people claim that they feel like they're trapped in a rat race, without an exit. While we can all feel this way from time to time, it's important to know that there is a way out." Debeena Harris, Mindfulness
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