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"The human will is an amazing thing. Time after time, it has triumphed against unbelievable odds." Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Determination   |  

"Similar to motivating our children, teaching children, encouraging children, and praising children when it comes to making their way are all important concepts in teaching our children to be self sufficient." Jennifer Roskamp, A Realistic Action Plan For the Weary Mom
Teacher   |

"Successful achievers don't necessarily follow a path, they make one." Shadonna Richards, A Gift of Hope
A Gift of Hope

Achieving results in one area will encourage you to exert yourself in another. Michal Stawicki, Simplify Your Pursuit of Success
Achievement   |  

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."

So children start to ascertain boundaries by assessing what behavior is encouraged or actively discouraged by you. James R. Morrison, Parenting
Children   |  

"You are the only one who can make it happen for you. Others can support and encourage you, but you have to find the energy within in order to step into the center of your own life and take charge." Lynda Field, Weekend Life Coach
Life   |  

"Sometimes you trust someone who turns out not to be honest. There are a lot of things that happen in life that don't turn out the way you're given the impression that they will. And I think that's all kind of a con. But I think we've probably all been hurt." Sigourney Weaver
Trust   |  

It's amazing how the ideas start to form and flow when we remove "can't" from our vocabulary. Stephen Shaner, The Art of Being Awesome
Attitude   |  

"When hardship occurs, it is easy to focus on hurt feelings attributed to the individuals you thought would show up that don't - but I encourage you to instead embrace all the individuals that come out of the woodwork and surprise you." Steph Gold, Now Is YOUR Time
Focus   |  

"Encouraging, assisting, and inspiring people are far more effective than DEMANDING excellence." Robert Stevenson, Raise Your Line: Success Is About a Higher Line Mentality
Success   |  

"Encourage individuals to compete against themselves to achieve more." Meir Liraz, How to Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills
Leadership   |  

"As crazy and weird as the imagination of children can be, we need to encourage that type of thinking. Even participate in imaginary events with our kids." Jason Hall, Captain Dad's Treasure Map: A Guide to Parenting, Life, and Love, a Little Outside the Box!
Imagination   |  

"Our confidence increases immensely, when people around us motivate and encourage us. We learn to respect our talent and skills when we see that the people around us respect us." Angel Graff, Self Esteem: Self Confidence
Confidence   |  

"Even if you feel that your criticism is very constructive and is going to benefit the other person, it is your duty to use a language that is not humiliating and belittling him/ her but encouraging and motivating." Commander VK Jaitly, We Can! We Can!
Motivation   |  

"Encourage your kids to ask you 'why?' more often. often. If they don't, then they're leaving learning opportunities on the table, and they could be leaving business, sales, or promotion opportunities on the table in the future because they don't ask enough questions or seek more information." Ben Green, The Global Superstar: How Your Students Can Develop An Advantage Over Global Competition
Opportunity   |  

"We need to choose and spend more time with those who support and encourage us and less with those who undermine us." Aurora McClellan, How to be More Confident
Time   |  

"There are incredible stories happening in Christianity all over the world today. They do not often make national news, but they are happening, and we would be greatly encouraged if we knew of them." Matt Brown, Awakening: How God's Great Move Inspires and Influences Our Lives Today
Quotes about God   |  

"Profitable folks spend their time doing constructive work, indulging in productive actions and interacting with individuals who encourage them." Geoffrey Lucas, Habits of Highly Effective People
Work   |  

"It is easy to knock someone's dreams as 'ridiculous', it takes courage to hold on to your dreams and encourage others in theirs in spite of the chatter around you." Jeff Ribman, Fail Better the Next Time
Courage   |  

"The worst nightmare would be to continue aging with someone who doesn't see your potential, encourage you and worse still doesn't love you." Cess Gichuhi, Letters and Poems for the Soul
Love   |  

"Goals are great, and I encourage you to set ones that feel right for you. Just don't let this process consume you." John Noel, Finding Mr. Right
Goals   |  

"If parents consistently support, encourage, and expect the best academic performance from their children, it is almost guaranteed their children will respond positively." Willie Williams, 7 Steps to Parenting Power
Positive Quotes   |  

"Tell your children what you expect of them and encourage them to do those things. It could be words of praise rather than a physical reward and your child will still react in a positive way." Kate Flowers, The Happy Mom: The Guide To Happiness Every Mother Can Achieve
Mother   |  

"Whenever I hear a successful athlete being interviewed, he or she will give the reason for achieving great success by saying something like, 'The coach always gave me praise and encouragement and that motivated me to be the best I could.'" Richard O'Keef, How to Get Kids to Behave: The Manual that was Supposed to Come with Kids
Coaching   |  

"Whenever your thoughts lead you into feeling overwhelmed, you can always turn your thoughts back to God who is 'ready to strengthen, encourage, and comfort you." Sarah Young, The Jesus Always 52-Week Discussion Guide
God Knows Best   |  

"Given the opportunity, freedom and encouragement, people will perform better than they will if they have to adhere to a tight corset of rules, instructions and discipline." James Neal, Managing Motivation in 1 Hour
Teamwork   |  

Motivation is what will make you get up in the morning and keep doing what you're doing. Rachel Rebecca Wisdom, Mind Gym: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners
Motivational Poems   |  

"No matter how many times you fall, God is standing right at your side waiting to pick you up. I learned these four words a long time ago, and as long as you can say them youll always get back up even when you go astray. Learn to say 'GOD I NEED YOU,' whenever you feel you need too, even if it's the slightest urge." Jerrica Davis, No One Knows Your Cry: The 20 Reasons Why
Failure   |  

"If we expect miracles and look for miracles, we will find them in abundance." Robert Medlin, The Power of Miracles: Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever
Miracles   |  

"As you look around your world, how can you encourage or inspire those in your circle of influence? Every day, wherever you are, you have the opportunity to be a light and a blessing." Brandon Buell, Brittany Buell, Don't Blink: What the Little Boy Nobody Expected to Live Is Teaching the World about Life
Inspirational Quotes  |  

"The people in your life can make you or break you - so choose them carefully and prayerfully and follow God's good advice in the Bible!" Susan G. Owen, God's Original Design For Your Life
Prayer   |  

"However, the overall message is clear: although intelligence and diligence are important attributes in determining success in the classroom and in employment, they are only two among a number of important attributes. Perhaps we should spend less time praising intelligence and hard work, and more time encouraging engagement and curiosity, and a disinterest in luxury goods or a high social status." Fiona McPherson, How to Approach Learning: What teachers and students should know about succeeding in school
Greatness   |  

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