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What is the focus of your life. Let these focus quotes encourage you and give you some thoughts to consider and think about.

"You must stay focused on the end result to achieve your goals."
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"Since you need to push yourself to follow a new set of habits, you need to keep your focus on your objectives. You need to remind your mind of your main reason to adopt these new habits."
Kenneth J Hutchins, 10 Powerful Habits of Successful People
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"If you focus on the possible when you experience difficult situations, YOU CAN positively change your outlook, reduce your stress, and concentrate on achieving things that otherwise may not have been possible."
Catherine Pulsifer
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"The sun's energy warms the world. But when you focus it through a magnifying glass it can start a fire. Focus is so powerful!"
Alan Pariser
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"Without goals, you will end up going nowhere, or, you will end up following someone else's map! Develop your map today - set your goals and focus!"
Catherine Pulsifer, Focus
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By celebrating the small stuff and feeling gratitude for it, things you never
 noticed before will come into focus. Jane Trumbull
"By celebrating the small stuff and feeling gratitude for it, things you never noticed before will come into focus."
Jane Trumbull, Complaining isn't a Solution!
Thanksgiving   |  

"When you stay focused and keep a commitment you create momentum, and momentum creates momentum."
Rich Fettke
Commitment   |  

"To focus means to bring your attention to the center, to concentrate on one thing intently in order to gain clarity."
Cheryl Richardson, Life Makeovers
New Beginnings   |

"No one ever gets anything worthwhile by accident."
Dorothea S. Kopplin
Risk   |

"A negative focus can result in our entirely missing the possibilities placed in our path."
Anne Wilson Schaef
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"Too often in life, we focus on the things we cannot do. Sometimes we cannot do things because of financial limitations, health limitations, family limitations, educational limitations, and so on. Sometimes, we end up limiting ourselves from achieving success in reaching our goals."
Catherine Pulsifer, What You Can Do
Success   |

"Take five minutes to center yourself in the morning - set your intention every day."
Oprah Winfrey
Purpose   |  

"Focus is the key to accomplish what is necessary - easy word to spell, it contains only five letters but it is probably one of the most powerful words there are in order to move forward with confidence and with the expected results."
Byron Pulsifer, Stop and Focus
Confidence   |

"It was better to focus on the good and what we had than to focus on what we had lost and were losing."
Paul and Tracey McManus, The 7 Great Prayers
Good   |

"We often need an outside source to show us our need for an adjustment in focus, and when we finally acknowledge our need, the truth presents the wonderful ability to see clearly again."
Ben Baughman, Untracked
Attitude   |  

Toddlers know that there are far more important things to focus on than how our hair looks or how we are perceived by others.
Doug Motel, Toddler Wisdom: Five Powerful Things You Can Learn From Watching 2-Year-Olds
Children   |  

Prioritizing sharpens your vision so you can focus on the most important things.
Wisdom from Myles Munroe
Vision   |  

So rather than trying to do too many things at once, switch over to a mindset of focusing on just one thing while you are working.
Timo Kiander, Work Smarter Not Harder
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Getting rid of the things in your life that are not adding value will allow you to take the time and focus you have put on those things and place it on the things that are adding value.
Kathy Stanton, Minimalist Living And Loving It
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One thing at a time: It is important that we focus on the task that is at present in hand.
John Hughes, Memory Improvement Secrets For Impeccable Concentration, Mental Clarity And Focus, That Gets You Results Fast
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I am grateful that God focuses on our faith and not our failures, and as you read you will be reminded, "... that failure is one of, if not the best teaching tools that we have."
Pierre Thompson, My 6 Woes: What Mistakes Taught Me About Life and Leadership
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To improve your focus and effectiveness, try to find an optimum working style; one that suits you (and your job description) the best.
Timo Kiander, Work Smarter Not Harder
The Best Is Not Always   |  

A focus on flexibility also means less friction in regards to changing customer needs. Resistance to the needs of the customer can result in intangibly damaging waste events in the areas of reputation or service perception.
ClydeBank Business; Benjamin Sweeney, Lean Six Sigma: QuickStart Guide
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Recognize how focusing on what you do want, what you do intend to accomplish, also defines what you choose not to do in your life.
Meir Liraz, Small Business Management: Essential Ingredients for Success
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Talent is the result of hard work and focus; it is not an innate gift. People are capable of growth in pretty much every trait and ability. What one person can do, so can you.
Joe Gaebel, Bridging the Gap Between Strangers: A Guide for Creating Meaningful Relationships and Deep Connections
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If you keep getting stuck in past memories, you can't fully focus on the present and create good memories for the future.
Donald Hill, Home Organization: A Beginnerís Guide to Decluttering Your Home and Living on What You Need for Stress Free Living
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Persistence only works when you are clear and sure of the objectives of your efforts. Without this focus, you can still practice persistence but it will not give you the results that you want.
Thelma Barnes, Practice Persistence: Applying Perseverance and Discipline to Achieve Your Goals
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Successful teams are involved in proper planning, leading and controlling in management and also directed and focused on a particular task that contributed by everyone in the team.
Hiriyappa B, Team Building And Group Dynamics Management
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Not taking breaks from a big task may also lead us to become burned out. The constant stress from one task may overwhelm your mind. Mental fatigue will affect our ability to focus and solve problems.
John Morgan, 100% Focused: 25 Great Ways To Improve Your Focus And Concentration
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Most of the time, we get stuck on a problem because our focus is too narrow. When we repeatedly use one technique and accustomed ways of thinking, we limit our ability and stifle creativity.
Jennifer April, What Everyone Should Know About Super-efficient Learning
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In turn, then, you can be an inspiration for those who have not yet begun to try. They can look at you and what you accomplished and take heart from your efforts. This is a good way to focus and move yourself forward.
T. Whitmore, Fearless: Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone
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Take the changes in stride, and understand that you may have setbacks. Instead of focusing on that, make sure to keep moving forward.
Esther King, Lifestyle Of Minimalism
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Affirmation isn't intended to make you delude yourself or simply throw a blanket over the negative aspects of your life. The intention is to magnify your focus on the positive reality you desire and the possibility thereof. Jason Thomas, Affirmation | The 100 Most Powerful Affirmations for Time Management
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Change your focus; change your life. Being able to communicate is life-changing. People skills are among the best skills to have and that is what communication boils down to--relating to people and people relating to you. Rock Bankole, Cheryl Jerabek, How to Talk to Anyone with Power and Confidence
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Goals are like a map. They help us determine where we want to end up, and give us personal direction on which to focus our energy. Catherine Pulsifer, Focus A Direction
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At times we tend to focus on the negative aspects of our lives and we forget the blessings that we all have. Catherine Pulsifer, Too Blessed to Be Stressed
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