Quotes on Focus

You must stay focused on the end result to achieve your goals."

"If you focus on the possible when you experience difficult situations, YOU CAN positively change your outlook, reduce your stress, and concentrate on achieving things that otherwise may not have been possible." Catherine Pulsifer

"The sun's energy warms the world. But when you focus it through a magnifying glass it can start a fire. Focus is so powerful!" Alan Pariser

"Without goals, you will end up going nowhere, or,. you will end up following someone else's map! Develop your map today - set your goals and focus!" Catherine Pulsifer, from Focus

"When you stay focused and keep a commitment you create momentum, and momentum creates momentum." Rich Fettke

"To focus means to bring your attention to the center, to concentrate on one thing intently in order to gain clarity." Cheryl Richardson, Life Makeovers

"Too often in life, we focus on the things we cannot do. Sometimes we cannot do things because of financial limitations, health limitations, family limitations, educational limitations, and so on. Sometimes, we end up limiting ourselves from achieving success in reaching our goals." Catherine Pulsifer, What You Can Do

"Take five minutes to center yourself in the morning - set your intention every day." Oprah Winfrey

"In life, as in chess, fore-thought wins." Charles Buxton

"Focus is the key to accomplish what is necessary - easy word to spell, it contains only five letters but it is probably one of the most powerful words there are in order to move forward with confidence and with the expected results." Byron Pulsifer, Stop and Focus

"It was better to focus on the good and what we had than to focus on what we had lost and were losing." Paul and Tracey McManus, The 7 Great Prayers

"Determine your priorities and focus on them." Eileen McDargh
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"No one ever gets anything worthwhile by accident."
Dorothea S. Kopplin

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A negative focus can result in our entirely missing the possibilities placed in our path.
Anne Wilson Schaef
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