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Over the course of many years, I have found many things including happiness, sorrow, hatred, passion, love and knowledge.

And, in many of these experiences, I have found that many of the not so wonderful things can be turned into victories of the soul. How so?

Take hatred for example. Many years ago, I was probably guilty of very strong dislikes for some people. After all, being human is always a quest to overcome certain prejudices or less than comfortable feelings. The thing that I learned over time was the negative aspects of letting strong dislikes rule one's vision. What I found was that by turning away from strong dislikes to viewing each person as unique was one certain method to avoid negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

I have also found that love, passion and happiness grow more from within than out. That is to say each one of us is responsible for our own happiness - you cannot give your responsibility for love or happiness to some one else expecting that it is there duty or place in life to make one happy. Happiness is more a state of mind, knowing oneself in being open and honest with what is real, what is necessary, what we think and believe and to sort our own issues out.

A Great Attribute
One of the greatest attributes one can develop is to be able to share your happiness and good feelings with others for several reasons. The first reason is that most people like to be around people who are positive, that are happy and that can bring a smile to your face. This is obviously opposed to those who are always negative, who see the world as a set of troubles, which see everything that is bad but never seem to be satisfied or happy, or even happy for others who have done well.

Why Be Positive
So, why be positive at all when it is much easier to frown at all parts of life that do hot go your way?

Being a pessimist, or a negative person or even a procrastinator are all attitudes towards life and all that it involves. With every negative emotion comes more pessimistic behavior. And with more pessimistic behaviors comes even more negativity basically because one feeds the other. You are a person now who is in a very severe downward spiral. The lower you go the bottom becomes even darker with little light shiny through.

On the other hand, the more you can envisage life as a series of little hurdles, the more you will start to devise plans, behaviors and insights into how to more easily overcome any issue. The more often you develop strategies to jump over or through hurdles, the easier it becomes to take on and beat the next one. There is no doubt in my mind at all that learning to handle all of life’ little problems and issues is the only way to develop a stress free life, a life of seeing light before dark, and a life that lends itself to help others learn the same secret.

Did I Say Secret?
I did. The reason I said this is simple. Everyone looks for a secret; a way to get and obtain a life that is more enjoyable and less sorrow, problems and pain. Well, the secret is you; your attitude, your thinking, your ability, and in your control. This is a great secret that is now in your possession to do with it as you wish.

"You can find excuses for anything, or you can find solutions and work towards them, which in the end will bring happiness."

And, You?
There are many ways to become a much better person and there are many ways to stay in a place without kindness or happiness, or caring. What kind of person do you really want to be?

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
"Put all hatred and anger aside for you will not reach the truth unless you reach for the loving spirit that resides within you." M. Lee

"Love is defined in terms of good. Love, essentially, is a commitment to the good of others." Michael Hill

"Self-compassion gives rise to greater levels of happiness, positivity, and other types of positive emotions." Mia Conrad, Self-Compassion

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