Francis Bacon Quotes

January 21, 1561 - April 9, 1626

Be inspired by the wisdom of Mr. Bacon who was born in England. He was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, and author. In addition he also served as the Lord Chancellor of England and as Attorney General in England. His quotes are full of wisdom, and continue to live on and are applicable today.

Prosperity is not without many fears and distastes, and adversity is not without comforts and hopes.
Francis Bacon

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A man is but what he knows.

Francis Bacon

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Money is like manure, of very little use except it be spread.

Francis Bacon

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Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.

Francis Bacon

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All rising to great place is by a winding stair.

Francis Bacon

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God Almighty first planted a garden.

Francis Bacon

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A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green.

Francis Bacon

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Natural abilities are like natural plants; they need pruning by study.

Francis Bacon

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A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.

Francis Bacon

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Anger makes dull men witty, but it keeps them poor.

Francis Bacon

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Seek ye first the good things of the mind, and the rest will either be supplied or its loss will not be felt.

Francis Bacon

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Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much.

Francis Bacon

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Books will speak plain when counsellors blanch.

Francis Bacon

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Life, an age to the miserable, and a moment to the happy.

Francis Bacon

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Nothing is pleasant that is not spiced with variety.

Francis Bacon

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Fame is like a river, that beareth up things light and swollen, and drowns things weighty and solid.

Francis Bacon

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A healthy body is the guest-chamber of the soul; a sick, its prison.

Francis Bacon

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The worst solitude is to have no real friendships.

Francis Bacon

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