God Knows Best

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God Knows Best
Poet: John McLeod,

I wonder, friend, how often you have wept a bitter tear
And asked: "Why is this happening to me?"
"What step was taken wrongly to deserve this dreary fate,
What action brought about this tragedy?"
Only to find in time a vital reason for it all,
And Faith you thought so steady put to test,
To look back with such wonder at the workings of his hands;
'Dear Lord, Thy will be done, and God knows best.'

It happens to us all, we are so mortal and so weak
All too human in our strange an earthly ways,
Falling often by the wayside on our journey through this life
Seeking light and fighting ignorance's haze.
Truly friends, the help is there, for as ye seek so ye shall find
And at journey's end how well you shall be blessed
If you truthfully can say without a doubt within your heart
Dear Lord, Thy will be done, and God knows best!

Do you know some special people who you are thankful for; who make this world just a better happier place. Read the verses in this poetry by John McLeod and see if you can think of a person in your life.

The World Turned On Around Her

Poet: John McLeod, 1982

The world turned on around her
And the clouds they came and went
But she cheerfully accepted
Knowing: "What was meant, was meant."
And many Souls were helped by her,
Her warmth, her gentle mirth,
For she could make a little bit
Of heaven here on Earth.

And I recall her peace of mind
The wise, so knowing face,
The words of love and gentleness
She brought to every place;
And Oh, if we could be like her
How very dear our worth
If we could make a little bit
Of Heaven here on Earth.

And Friends, we are so very often
Selfish in our ways,
We close our eyes to Nature's light,
The warm sun's golden rays;
You have the key, the choice to give
Your care and healing forth,
To make, with love, a little bit
Of Heaven,
            Here on Earth!

"Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed."
Robert H. Schuller

Good Morning, and God Bless
Poet: John McLeod, 1989

Good morning and God bless
On this most wonderful of days

God given, lit by sunlight
Shafting down in golden rays.

The heart sings out its wondrous joy
In choir with birdsong sweet,

And all one's love can employ
This beauteous day to greet.

Oh skies of azure
Blue as any skies could ever be,

How glad I am to meet this day
How well blessed to be me!


"Because of his strength will I wait upon thee:
for God is my defense."

Psalm 59:9
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