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Cultivate an attitude of gratitude instead of a mindset of scarcity. Observe the abundance and good that is already in your life.
Candy Paull, The Heart of Abundance
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My Hope For You . . . success, by solving your problems, focusing on your goals, and always having hope, good fortune will find you
Catherine Pulsifer, Happy New Year
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Every day give yourself a good mental shampoo.
Sara Jordan, M.D.
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Good depends not on things but on the use we make of things.
Author Unknown
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And may you experience the blessing that life has to offer when you find the good in every situation.
Catherine Pulsifer, Count Those Blessings
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The other pot is full at all times with good thoughts, positive attitude, a helping hand, and able to negotiate through any challenges. It is the pot of good will that attracts friends and those who need a little helping hand.
Byron Pulsifer, The Two Pots We Have
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Your smile lights my way through life, and keeps me warm inside. It reminds me that people are good, especially when their snide.
Julie Hebert, Your Smile
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Don't regret another birthday, the good news is that you are alive and can celebrate it.
Catherine Pulsifer
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A good word extinguishes more than a pail full of water.
Spanish Proverb
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So often we have a good idea but we don't take action. Or, we are discouraged at the challenges that face us. We give up far too easily, we don't persevere.
Catherine Pulsifer, from How I Made My Millions
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Everyday is not a good day, but there is good in every day.
Author Unknown
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Take a good look at your failure, and then say with gritty determination, Youre not going to keep me down! I may be defeated, but Im not giving up!"
Carl Sommer, Teen Success in Career and Life Skills

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