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It is easier to be good to others if you are aware life has been good to you. Henry Good, Selfishness
Life   |  

We have everything to gain from being good towards those around us, and a lot to lose by not being good.
Stefan Einhorn, The Art of Being Kind
Positive   |  

Today, making a good first impression is still essential - even if the outcome may not exactly be a matter of life or death. All of us want to make a great first impression on other people.
Steve Gold, Elon Musk: The Business and Life Lessons Of A Modern Day Renaissance Man
Motivation   |  

All good people have love to give, but too many of them keep it bottled up.
T. H. Russo, How To Tell Someone You Love Them (And Why You Should Do It)
Love   |  

You can choose to focus on good aspects of your life and feel good to create positive vibrations, by learning to control your self-talk and feelings with patience.
Swaati Shiv, A Course in Emotional Management
Focus   |  

"What if" questions always lead nowhere. It does no good to ask these and then dwell on the "what if answers."
Mike C. Adams, How to stop worrying and be happy
Questioning   |  

Good relationships arguably have power in balance, and we operate most of the time from a standpoint of equality or neutrality.
Julie Lewthwaite, S. J. Miscandlon, Getting Things Done in Business
Balance   |  

Spend the majority of your day looking for good things to happen, if you look hard enough for good things in your life, you will find them.
Rebecca Turner, The Stress Cure
Time   |  

By focusing on the qualities about yourself that are good, you can help yourself gain a high level of self-confidence.
Ace McCloud, Confident Communication Skills
Confidence   |  

Choose to see the goodness in everything and think that good things will happen.
Jonathan Brown, Depression: How to Overcome Depression And Feel Happy Forever!
Always Something Good   |  

It is one of the things that make marriage, the ability to share the good and the bad with a person that you love.
Anna Parker, Marriage Help: How To Save Your Marriage From Divorce
Marriage   |  

Cultivating gratitude every morning when you wake up refreshed can help your day start off on a good note.
Rocco Cozza, Success Habits For The Morning
Thanksgiving   |  

When "good" can work, do not go beyond for perfection.
Edward Kelly, Getting Things Done the David Allen Way
Work   |  

While the people with fixed mindsets let their intelligence and talent define them, the growth mindset oriented people know that with hard work and practice, they can be good at anything.
Timo Kiander, Work Smarter Not Harder
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