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Your well-being and your strength and energy will determine your overall health. Here find health quotes to encourage you to keep in good health - look after yourself.

"Our health is something we often take for granted. But, there are some things in life that should never be taken for granted. Take care of yourself."
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Different kids and different parents call for all kinds of parenting styles. And at the end of the day, you and your kids are the experts on your family.
A. C. Jones, The Mindful Parenting Handbook: How to Raise an Emotionally Healthy Child in a Stressed Out Culture
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In our drive for success we are seduced by the promises of more: more money, more recognition, more satisfaction, more love, more information, more influence, more possessions, more security. Even when our intentions are noble and our efforts sincere - even when we dedicate our lives to the service of others - the corrosive pressure of frantic overactivity can nonetheless cause suffering in ourselves and others.
Wayne Muller, Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives
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He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything. Arabian Proverb
"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything."
Arabian Proverb
Hope  |

"Sleep is the most important 'repair' mechanism our body has, and getting enough of it will ensure you're feeling fit and energized the next day.
Jason Smith, Make Mornings Matter
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"You find when you pursue a life of greater health and happiness, you then treat the body you have with dignity, respect, and absolute care."
Dale Roberts, The 3 Keys to Greater Health & Happiness
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"If you want to dramatically improve your self-esteem the one sure way to do this is to get very, very fit."
Christopher Quinn, Self Esteem Self Help: Get YOUR Life Back!!
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"Healthy foods should not be underestimated. Your body needs good food to focus."
R. C. Connor, The Overnight Best Seller
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"The body can be a source of wealth train it right for your health."
Jerry Brundies
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"Health and intellect are the two blessings of life."
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If you wish to keep as well as possible, the 
less you think about your health the better.  Oliver Wendell Holmes
"If you wish to keep as well as possible, the less you think about your health the better."
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Attitude   |  

"Sound sleep is the indicator of good health. If you can sleep better then it is expected that your body is functioning properly."
Michael Lombardi, The 5 AM Club
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"Eating fruits for breakfast is a healthy way of breaking the overnight fast as this is a gentle way of waking up your digestive system."
Bogdan Ivanov, How To Be Super Productive
Attitude Determines Everything   |  

"Good health is necessary to get the most out of our experiences, so don't neglect to take care of it."
Bill Calhoun, Can't...Can!
Experience   |  

"People who suffer from anxiety disorders might also wish to review clinics who focus on mental health or specialized cure programs that deal with particular types of anxiety disorders, such as panics or phobias, which may be accessible your area."
Mike Mitchell, Mindfulness: Mindfulness For Anxiety Relief
Focus   |  

"When you are happy at work and at home you feel safe. Your health is better and you feel good."
Clodagh Swanson, Time To Shine
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"Criminal issues are connected to health and economic ones, and socially responsible entrepreneurship can provide answers to all of these."
Vlad Zachary, The Excellence Habit
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"But by not remaining present, by allowing the mind to run crazy with doom and gloom scenarios that may or may not play out in the future, we lose presence, peace of mind, clarity and health."
Christopher Babson, Bold! Success System
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"A little bit of sunlight can do wonders for your child's bones and health!"
T Whitmore, Stuff You Don't Need: A Mother's Guide to Raising A Child in a Gadget World
Smiles Are Sunshine For All   |  

"A child with a healthy level of self-esteem will have a realistic perspective of himself."
Britney Watkins, The Ultimate Guide To Parenting: How To Raise Children Without Screwing Them Up
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"No individual can ever truly be a healthy and whole individual after loss without coming to terms with their loss and understanding the magnitude of that loss while also understanding that they must still live for the future."
Valerie Orr, Picking Up the Pieces: Learning to Live Through Grief After the Loss of a Loved One
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"Yes money can buy you the lifestyle you desire and dream of, but I warn you that it cannot buy you love, it cannot buy you good health and it cannot buy you happiness."
Linda Corby, Zoom into Profit
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"We are being served better and better packaging of a low quality content, including food, clothing, housing, education, health, and entertainment."
Chitesh Bhat, Everybody is Genius
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"I've lost quite a few people close to me over the past few years some my age, some younger, and some older and it makes you realize that health and good friends and family are gifts to be treasured."
Jason Navallo, Success
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"To have a healthy relationship requires the ability to express oneself and feel as though you are being heard."
Gregory Davidson, Communication: Proven Strategies To Succeed in Your Personal Relationships and in Your Career
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"Regular exercise, adequate nutrition and sleep, and time spent in creative play help to contribute to an overall sense of health."
Amy Kay Watson, Working with Stress and Fear
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"Religion, spirituality influence health in different but complementary ways."
Matt Decker, Super Thoughts
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"Health is something which is of interest to us all, and I believe that good health is the right of us all." Lois Hewitt, Spiritual Healing

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