Inspirational Poems

When reading inspirational poems you should feel encouragement, hope, and see reflections of God in the poetry. They should be uplifting and provide inspiration and enable you to focus on the positive aspects of life. We hope you find this in our collection of inspirational poetry.

Inspirational Poems Page 1
Feel discouraged and the world is against you? Read these poems to help you refocus your thoughts.
- Always Something Good
- Life's Tug Of War
- God's Will
- Faith
-One Step Ahead
-God's Care

Inspirational Poems Page 2
We can see God all around us, if we just look. Find these sentiments in the verses.
- God's Expressions
- Unbelief
- The Handiwork of God
- God's Garden
- I Cannot See Ahead

Inspirational Poems Page 3
Poetry by John McLeod which will inspire you. Our favorite is "I Believe In Miracles", verses that will encourage you.
- There's a River Running By
- Frame for a November Friday
- I Believe In Miracles
- Cares Are
- I Believe . . .
- Starlight
- Dear Father . . .
- Gentle The Love

Inspirational Poems Page 4
The title and verses of these are so true - God does know best! Read these poems for reminders that God's plans are perfect.
- God Knows Best
- The Tides of Providence
- Good Morning and God Bless
- I Asked
-A Mystery In Human Hearts

Inspirational Poems Page 5
The best teacher to learn about God is the Bible. Read these poems for thoughts on the Bible and on teaching.
- Teach Me
- I Am
- More Than A Dead Letter
- God Be In My Head
-Count Your Blessings
-The Bible That Sat

Inspirational Poems Page 6
God, the Father, helps all of us. Do we demonstrate the same type of love when we deal with people? Read a collection of poetry which looks at this.
- Who Shall We Help Today
- Nearer In Service
- Tools To Help
- So Many!
- Living By Giving
- Never Let Me Give Sparingly

I'm Learning
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2017

When you see me don't be alarmed, I'm not a finished project;
A work in making, just begun, no longer known as reject.
Many changes must be made, many plans to alter
Efforts to reclaim the mold, are bound to often falter.

Restoration will take time, the work God's undertaken,
The mighty Master of the clay will not leave me forsaken.
I'm pliable and need to learn, my spirit must be willing,
God will not force His choice on me, He's lovingly instilling,
New thoughts to form within my heart, ideas that will inspire,
To make me more like His dear Son and give me that desire.

That all my plans fit to His will as each day dawns before me,
I find the guidance in His Word in case sin should allure me.
My safety lies within His love, my heart within His will;
I need to listen to His voice, He's whispering, "Peace, be still".
Inspirational Poems

Tell Me Lord
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2017

Lord, am I obeying you as I should?
Am I cutting corners to do as I would?
Do I interpret Your law my way?
Do I ask You questions? Do I stop to pray?

When I think I'm doing what You request
Do I bend Your plans to suit me best?
Is it my schedule that sets my goals,
Do I run ahead of You ,searching for souls?
I want to follow the guidelines You set ,
I want to please You, to serve You, and yet
I feel I'm short changing Your perfect plan;
perhaps I'm too hasty to reach out to man.

I want to consult You, to be in Your will
But sometimes I wonder, did You say "Be still"?
I do need Your guidance, I can't run ahead,
Teach me to follow, to hear You instead.
Give me Your patience so that I will know,
You'll plainly tell me just where I should go.

Love Thy Neighbour
Poet: Eldred Herbert

Let us strive to serve the Master,
And to judge not any soul,
Let us toil a little faster,
Get our lives within control.
Speak no evil of your neighbour,
Though you find this sometimes hard;
You will find the world more sunny,
When you clean your own backyard.

The Lord knows we are not that perfect,
He forgives us for our flaws,
So let's strive a little harder,
To live up to all His laws.
Let us help the erring neighbour,
Be forever on your guard,
And the folks will find you nicer,
When you clean your own backyard.

Keep your tongue from speaking evil,
Others faults - tell not a soul;
Crush down rumors ere you hear them,
Help to make the sinner whole.
We should strive to help our neighbour,
Their good works, do not retard;
Be not idle, be quite busy,
Cleaning up your own backyard.

When you have your yard in order,
Sow some seeds of peace and love
In rich loam, where they'll be rooted,
And all evil growth remove.
As you strive to please the Master,
You'll receive a great reward;
You will find life has a purpose,
When you clean your own backyard.
As you strive to please the Master, You'll receive a great reward;

Poet: Unknown

Only a little dewdrop
Sparkling in the morning sun;
But it just reflected heaven,
And it blessed the heart of one.

Only a tiny sunbeam
Shining for a little while;
But it filled the heart of sadness,
And it brought a sudden smile.

Only a little rosebud
Drooping low its fragrant head;
But it cheered the little sick girl
Lying in her little bed.

Only a note of music
Ringing through the gloomy wood;
But it reached a weary wand'rer
And it did a world of good.

Only a word said kindly,
Falling on a wounded heart;
But it brought a rich, sweet blessing,
And did healing balm impart.

Only a tiny token
From a heart that's filled with love;
Give it, asking God's own blessing;
The effects you'll see above.
Only a tiny token From a heart that's filled with love; Give it, asking God's own blessing;

Reach Out
Poet: John McLeod, © 1982

Reach out to warm another with your love
Sow seeds that in His garden far above
Will flower in wonderous colours, swiftly grow
Reflecting caring shown by you below.

Reach out to lend your healing light to those
Who may not see the beauty of the rose
And know its scent, who burdened down with care
And illness, may have little time to spare.

Reach out, just as He did, our Father's son
Recall: "I and the Father God are one"
Thus when you give the angels loud applaud,
Reach out your love, the gentle hand of God!

I Met God
Poet: Ralph S. Cushman

I met God in the storm
Where He found me all forlorn;
And He put His arm around me,
And I thank Him for the storm.

I met God in the dark,
Where I wandered stiff and stark;
And He caught my hand to guide me.
And I thank Him for the dark.

I met God in defeat,
Where He followed my retreat,
With a vision of new conquest;
Now I'm glad of the defeat.

I met God by the grave,
WhereI braced me to be brave,
But I failed, and then He caught me;
Yes, I thank Him for that grave.

I shall meet God when the night
overwhelms my flickering light;
Then HeŽll lead me to the morning,
Far away from cloud and storming,
Where, I'll praise Him for the night.

The Point Of View
Poet: Frances Crosby Hamlet

In a great quarry, once I chanced upon
Three workmen, chiseling each his slab of stone.

Monotonous task, confining, dusty, slow!
And while I gazed, something I longed to know.

"What do you there?" I asked one quietly,
"I shape these blocks," he answered literally.

His neighbor stared, as my request was made.
"Why - thus I earn my living; 'tis my trade."

Somewhat apart, the third man plied his tool -
Skilled, flawless touches, taught in no swift school.

"What do you do, friend?" Though easily I guessed
He was an artist, artisans the rest.

One keen stroke more. He paused, then raised his head.
"I build cathedrals, sir!" he proudly said.

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