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A Prayer to the Father
Written by Byron Pulsifer - words of thanks, requests for guidance and direction.

A Simple Prayer
Written by Byron Pulsifer - find words of thanks and wisdom. Plus ones for use on special occasions

Written by Catherine Pulsifer -a prayer of thanks, kitchen and home prayers, plus more

The Thanksgiving Prayer

Author: , .2012

As we sit together around this table,
We want to say thank you for allowing us
To be together in a world where so many families
Do not have this opportunity to do so.

Give us pause as we celebrate, to count our blessings
For without your blessing, this day would not be counted.
For we have so many thanks to say to you
As we prepare to enjoy the food you have
So bountifully allowed us to share,
And to extend our blessings with one another yet another day.

Lord, it is not that we do not appreciate
Your blessings as each day unfolds
It is only that we do not thank you
As often as each day brings with it your blessings.

Please forgive us for not counting you
As our true friend, our true light
As often as we should, Oh Lord,
For without you, we are lost.

We thank you for showing us our failures
So that we may see more opportunities,
To experience the joy of overcoming obstacles in life
As you daily guide us through each challenge.

And, Oh Lord, thank you for saving us
For without you, we would suffer forever.
It is only through your graces, Oh Lord,
That we sit here today united within our home.

"God gave you a gift of
86,400 seconds today.
Have you used
one to say 'thank you'?"

William Arthur Ward

Prayers are sometimes referred to as an appeal to a higher form, a petition, a request. They are used in worship and can be in the form of giving thanks, or asking for help. Some are used for grace at meal time and others are sacred text that have been passed down for generations. They are all religious writings that have inspired many world wide.

Serenity Prayer And More. . . .

"Prayer is a shield to the soul,
a sacrifice to God,
and a scourge for Satan."


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Inspirational Prayers
I Asked Jesus
" I asked Jesus "How much do you love me?" "This much," He answered. Then he stretched out His arms and died. "

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