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Inspiration comes in many forms, here you will find a collection of inspirational messages containing content about God, faith and overall Christian inspiration. The Bible is a perfect example of a story that has been communicated over generations. Some of these stories have been passed down, while other messages are new. May the messages be a reminder about the important things in life and give you thoughts to reflect on. These were written by or Byron Pulsifer.

"A sure way to grow closer to Christ is to search out stories of His work in the lives of others."
Mark J. Musser, Searching for More: Finding the Fulfillment You Long For

Trusting God And Not This World - Do we trust God or do we trust things of this world. An interesting question, while we may answer one way, what do our actions demonstrate.

Reliability of The Bible - There are numerous articles and books that suggest or directly challenge the reliability of the Christian Bible. Read this message for thoughts on this topic.

Defense Of The Christian Faith - can the Christian faith be defended?

Choices We All Make Them - words to inspire

Responsibility for Happiness - where to find happiness

The Coach Of Life - Life coaches seem to be popular today. But the coach that gives us more ...

Ability Refocused - Questioning your ability? Read this!

Behavioral Success - Success and what it means

Let Me Always - A short but hopefully a good reminder to count our blessings

Too Blessed to Be Stressed - A saying that has meaning, one which reminds you to count your blessings.

Church For Dreams - Read theses thoughts and see if you agree with the comments on church.

The Paradox Of Life - a message filled with wisdom

Components Of Christianity - Have you ever asked the question, what does chirstianity mean.

Doubt Replaced Through Faith - What is the difference between faith and doubt.

Some Learning From The Bible - Be inspired by these thoughts and learnings from the bible.

Words of Life - There is much guidance from the bible that help us through life.

Major Human Capacities - Encouraging words on using your capacities to the fullest.

Motivational E-Books - We can gain motivation from many different places.

Motivational Rocks We all influence others in many different ways.

Chaos And Life - Life has its moments when we all feel overwhelmed by the issues of living.

The Little Lamb - We hope this reminds you to help others.

What We Do Not Know - How often do we judge people by our own preconceived notions

A Scary Day For Dad - about valuing life.

Treasures Abound - what are the best treasures?

Live Each Day - one way to live each and every day.

Results By Action Or Inaction - finding results in finding peace.

Human Relations Unavoidable -how do you deal with people you dislike

Bear The Burden - We all face burdens or challenges in our lives - about helping one another.

Adversity and God - We all face adversity in our lives. How does God helps us deal with adversity.

The Friend Recipe - There is always one constant friend you have no matter what the situation.

Prayer Continued - Is church the only place where prayers count?

Pray for Your Children - Every parent and grandparent prays for their children.

To Bake Or Not - To inspire you to be all that you can be

Messed Up - Throughout our lifetime we all mess up at one point or another

Too Late - A story that reminds us that God is with us through difficult times

Anxiety To Be Overcome - About time with God, and how to conquer aniexty and stress

A Story Of Guardians - God works in mysterious ways which we may not fully understand

What Do You Want - Read this before answering the question of what you want.

The Spouse You Want - While we sometimes wish for things, we need to look within ...

Thoughts Of Psalm 23 - We can all read this Psalm and come away with different thoughts

Refuge From Storms - How do we prepare for the storms of life

The Pumpkin Christian - An interesting analogy of pumpkins and Christians.

A Newsletter Ad To Use - one of the ads in the newsletter caught my attention.

A Computer And Life - What does a computer, life and God have in common.

Give Yourself A Test - Reflect on this one

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