Jesus Poems

Be inspired by these Jesus poems. Much has been written about Jesus, may these verses encourage you.

The Strength of Christ
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2010

Christ had better be stronger than me, else what is the meaning of salvation?
If He were merely but a man, where would be new creation?
Why would I strive to live a good life, only to find we are equals?
If Christ has no power stronger than mine, then all ends; there's no sequel.

No hereafter to give one's hope strength, no prospect of something much greater,
No incentive to reach for high goals, and service left till much later.
Why should one try to better mankind, giving them hope for tomorrow?
If uncertainty looms on the edge, perhaps forebodings of sorrow.

Life should bring hope to a weary soul, but often it's full of rejection,
It's futile to try to better oneself or strive for a goal of perfection.
We all need a dream, a reachable goal, we need an incentive before us,
A reason that moves us forward in strength, a call that seems to implore us.

A reason to grasp the things we can't see, a vision that we might obtain them,
A grandiose scheme in the depths of our mind that we have the power to maintain them.
We need to be sure that there's someone who cares, who's fully concerned for our welfare,
A power much greater than what we possess, whoíll assist with our trials and our despair.

Thatís when the joy of the Lord comes to light, when we acknowledge our weakness,
When we are willing to humble ourselves, when we come forth in our meekness.
Jesus can work in a heart thatís resigned to seeing that help is essential;
Thatís not a sign of weakness to Him, He stresses the joy of potential.

Once we admit there's a need in our life and we have no means to fulfill it,
We can be molded to fit in His plan, He has the strength to instill it.
Then we'll accomplish real things in His love, if we allow Him to guide us,
He'll not demand that we follow His rules, His joy is to walk close beside us.

We have the option to do as we please, God is not one to constrain us;
Remember the fact that He alone knows, He is the One who'll sustain us.
Yes, Christ is stronger, much stronger than us, He beckons that we should accept Him;
Never demanding, it's of our free will, to respond or totally reject Him.

Whatever you are going through today, make God your friend and Jesus your savior; He will take care of it. 
Marjorie Menardy Magloire
"Whatever you are going through today,
make God your friend and Jesus your savior;
He will take care of it."
Marjorie Menardy Magloire

Quotes about God

Moving Home
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2005

I'm getting ready to move on, I've been here quite a spell;
It's not that I'm unhappy, that things aren't going well.
My life is rich in blessings, I couldn't ask for more;
My God has always been there, the God Whom I adore.

But greater things are promised, beyond my wildest dreams,
A future wrapped in blessings, where light eternal beams.
Where no more tears or heartaches can plague the human mind,
Where all our grief and sorrow are forever left behind.

Where money has no value and fame holds no account,
Prestige is not considered, possessions cannot mount.
Where faith alone has virtue, where love rules over all,
Where harmony is constant and sin has no recall.

With Jesus' glorious presence, with God's eternal care;
With saints from all the ages, with joy beyond compare.
Where darkness cannot enter, and tears are wiped away,
And burdens are all lifted, and sin has no more sway.

I long to be promoted, to reach my journey's end;
To walk the streets of glory with Jesus, my best friend.

Give praise! Give thanks! Rejoice always. Greta Zwaan
Give praise! Give thanks! Rejoice always.
Greta Zwaan, Dust and Gold

Christian Poems

A Date With Jesus
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2010

I have a date with Jesus, to meet at any time,
An open invitation, precious gift, sublime.
With whom I'll share my feelings, I'll open up my heart,
I'll tell Him how I love Him and have right from the start.

When we first got acquainted my life was turned around,
Being in His presence, I tread on holy ground.
I marvel at His patience, His constant care for me,
He understands my weakness, my vulnerability.

He bears me no resentment when I neglect His voice,
For He is not demanding, He lets me make my choice.
I want so much to please Him, yet fail so frequently,
I know I'm not consistent like Jesus is for me.

Yet I'm always welcome, whether by day or by night,
There's no one else so faithful, my Lord, my guiding Light.
I'm glad that I can trust Him no matter what may be,
My Friend, my Sovereign Jesus, now has a date with me.

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