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"You get this life once, so why not make the most of it. Why worry, why fight, why to get upset." Jacques Harland, Making Your Marriage Work: How to keep the Love Alive
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"It's hard to make conscious changes in your life, but it's so much easier when you have a plan." Allison Vesterfelt
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life - change Life isn't black and white and when you start to see all the subtleties, you actually grow as a person and find that life offers you a lot more than the black and white image that you keep seeing. Joanna Jackson, Self Help
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"Life is too short, make the most of yours today."
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We all have a common goal. Life is about waking up. It is a journey of discovery and you've already bought the ticket and are sitting on the train. Michael Sheridan, My Journey To Awakening
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Our words have the power to bring someone up and help them achieve their purpose in life, or bring to them down and make them go down a dark path. Grant Dean, Practical Step to an Awesome Life through changing your words
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The key to life is to be round the people who will empower you to reach the next level in life! Adam Burns And Sandra Banks, Leadership Basics
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"Enjoy your life, the precious moments you have. Spend each day with some laughter and some thought, get your emotions going. Be enthusiastic every day to keep your dreams alive in spite of whatever problems you have. Work hard for your dreams to come true, to become reality." Jimmy V
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"As you grew, no matter what happened we looked at the sunny side of life. As you leave take with you the wisdom to focus on the "good" in life! Catherine and Byron Pulsifer, from As You Grew
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"You deserve an amazing life; life is good and meant to be enjoyed to the fullest." Greg Adenauer, Abundance
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"Life is a mixture of moments, both negative and positive: beautiful, memorable, painful, scary, and difficult to overcome." Debeena Harris, Mindfulness
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"The thought of the future life with its prerogatives and joys helps to make the trials of the present seem light and transient." Billy Graham, Day by Day
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"Life is a game and your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to play fully." Wendy Hearn
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"When life gets us down it's very easy to stay beaten and broken but it takes hard work and action to create a life worth living." Drew Eubanks, Getting Results: 13 Practices to Help You Achieve More Results in Less Time
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"If only we would learn every day of our lives to overcome those things in our character which are negative, to let go and let God take them over, we would all know what it was to experience harmonious living." Albert E. Cliffe, Let Go and Let God
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"Have you ever wondered how some of the worst things that happen in your life turn out to be some of the best experiences you've ever had?" Dean Pennicott
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"One important thing to consider is that we are born ready to give and receive love, but our life lessons get in the way of experiencing this gift." TJ Gibbs, Get Ready For Love
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"Achieving the life and success we desire is straightforward. It's simply a case of understanding what we need to undertake to arrive at the required destination." Dasrim Hasik, Master The Art of Achieving
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"Model - that is, live - the behavior you want others to practice. In my corporate life that meant getting out to talk with and listen to our customers." Mario Morino, Leap of Reason
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"Civic virtue indicates that the sales person cares about the life of the company and responsibly participates in it. Therefore sales agents with this behavior will try to produce good results which have a positive influence on the health of the organization." Max Cesar King, Make Winners!
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"Most men label themselves as 'fixers' or 'problem solvers', so to ask someone else to speak into your life and potentially call you out on any blindspots is a bit out of our comfort zone." Jerrad Lopes, Step Up: 10 Practical Ways To Lead Your Family Toward Jesus
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"We can slow down. We take the time to appreciate life more, to do more and to keep improving ourselves." Kellie Sullivan, Mindfulness : 5O Easy Mindfulness Exercises For Beginners To Live In The Moment And The Art Of Letting Go
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"Regardless of your current situation, you can always see God's hand in your life and be thankful. He is the Good Shepherd." Jose Figueroa, What Do You Mean is Not My Money?
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"Also, there are so many benefits and advantages to senior citizens that are worth looking into because they save time and money that is precious and valuable to any senior citizen's life." Corey Johnston, Free Stuff for Seniors
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"In their time away from work and the hassles of daily life, people tend to display their passions and personal interests. Someone's hobbies can reveal a lot about their personality." David S. Walton, Influence: The Influence Blueprint
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"Moral dilemmas are a pervasive feature in organizational life, and the discipline of ethics offers principles, tools, and concepts to analyse them and reach a decision about what to do." Oyvind Kvalnes, Moral Reasoning at Work
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"So much so that in one instant this habit can change your life forever. This is the power of Reading." Vick S, You Become What You Read
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"A simple lesson in life is that experience always allows you to learn what to do next time." Alan Sugar, Unscripted Extras
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"The law of attraction governs the entire universe. It keeps the planets in our solar system rotating around the sun, it allows life to be possible, and it is the reason for everything that happens in your life." Beau Norton, Manifesting Abundance
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"Fact of the matter is, we all want more from life no matter how much we have. We are all striving to make our lives better. We are always compelled to move forward and experience progress." Buck Flogging, Quit Your Job in 6 Months
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"If we have no end goal in mind, we are simply leaving it to chance that our life will follow a favorable path and that we will reach a desirable destination." Steve Gold, Elon Musk: The Business & Life Lessons Of A Modern Day Renaissance Man
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Initiative means that you have the consistent willingness to do the little things that will not only bring you closer to your goals but can also make your life and the lives of other people happier and more fulfilling. Aidin Safavi, Success: Success habits for Beginners
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Surrounding yourself with a support system of friends, colleagues and family will help you ease your troubles and enable you have a different perspective of life. Sharing your difficulties will help you air out your concerns and find a solution. Ruby T., 8 Minutes Every Day To Have Happy Life: Stress Detox With Steps Guide Mindfulness
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I have always treated life like a pack of 52 cards, to win the games that we are required to play every day. Sumeet Jain, Life is a pack of 52 cards
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A life lived with authentic passion will always result in a fulfilling life, well lived, having a positive impact on others. Dennis Houchin, The Passion Principles: The Key to a More Fulfilling, More Creative Life
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I also remember the moment my life changed, the moment I finally said, ''I've had it! I know I'm much more than I'm demonstrating mentally, emotionally, and physically in my life'.' I made a decision in that moment which was to alter my life forever. I decided to change virtually every aspect of my life. I decided I would never again settle for less than I can be. Anthony Robbins
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