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Life is all about perspective, and depending on what your perspective is, can have a major impact on the life you will live. Jacob Reimer, Inspirational: Productive, Positive, and Happy - Start Getting the Most Out of Your Life in 21 Days or Less!
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But God has shown me that He can use something that can be considered a negative in my life and turn it around for the better.  Whitney Sparks, The Couponer's Classroom
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Thoughts held over time greatly affect all areas of our lives. The quality of the thoughts we think creates the quality of the lives we live. Christiane Northrup M.D., Making Life Easy: A Simple Guide to a Divinely Inspired Life
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One of the great things you have in life is that no one has the authority to tell you what you want to be. You're the one who'll decide what you want to be. Respect yourself and respect the integrity of others as well. The greatest thing you have is your selfimage, a positive opinion of yourself. You must never let anyone take it from you. Jaime Escalante
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There is no greater adventure in life than to move in the direction of one's goals and dreams. G. Mark Phillips, Just Be It!
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Life is not just about what you achieve, it's about who you are and how you live. Maggie Huffman, Whoops! I Forgot to Achieve My Potential
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Life will never be simple, but we can learn many ways to make it simpler and easier on our mind and body. Brittany Hallison, Letting Go: Surrender, Release Attachments and Accept the Present
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Trying to live God's promised life while living by the world's truths is like trying to travel America by using a map of Australia: you just can't get there from here. Tonia Woolever, The Woman God Designed
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Our brains have the ability and capacity to continue learning for the majority of our lives. If we can just keep pushing forward, the answers to life will present themselves. Phillip Crone
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It seems that the smallest lessons in life are the ones that make the biggest difference in our lives, so make no mistake, when something happens to you, it is for a reason. Batya Shevich, Warren Buffett: To Be Rich And Successful Is Easy!
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What do you think your life would look like if you started to truly see yourself from God's perspective? John Stange, Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: with the truth of the Gospel
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Life will never be without surprises and challenges. Rajneesh Chaturvedi, Taming Mind
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Perspective comes from the appreciation and understanding that life can be difficult but we can get through it and that other people's lives are way more difficult. Harvey Volson, Self-Esteem Mega Makeover: How to supercharge your confidence, destroy self-doubt, boost happiness, and thrive in any social environment
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Look for opportunities in every change in your life. Meir Liraz, How to Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills
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