Love Quotes

Life is to short to not express the love you feel for others.

Most of us had experienced on having crush on someone - may it be our classmate, a friend's friend, officemate, friend's brother or even our neighbor. Tina Jones

Crushes can be great and crushes can suck a whole lot. Sometimes they turn into something beautiful and lasting, and sometimes it's just a big crash and burn that makes you wish you could rewind time. T Emery

I love sharing life with you. Source: Thinking of You Quotes

Friendship is a great way to bond with your crush and make him/her see the nice side of you. It also helps you to understand each other and get comfortable with each other. Krista Hiles

You also need to make sure that in your effort to get your crush to like you enough to be your boyfriend you don't become too controlling or pushy. K Hile

A crush is just as simple as admiration. You get attracted to another person and time can allow feelings to grow more into something more than that. E Johnson

Learn to listen to what your crush is saying. This will give you the insight into his inner self and will only help you to get to know him better. Russell Jackson

When we are first attracted to someone we are alert to everything they say and do. Susan Leigh

My hope and my wish is crumbling with time. Our situation hurts me today. It is not in my expectations and without doubt, this is why I am more distant even I love you. Maria Dolores Arellano

It's not so much how much we love a person but how much that person loves us. Cindy Morse

While love gets lost, a deep sorrow blends us and we get lonesome in the heart. Yousuf

Falling in love is the most important incident of life and it makes people ambitious cum dreamer and generates a capability to imaging your first date, long before it happens in reality and time you spend together. D Mishra

Those who have gone through miserable times in life may find sad songs really soothing. It brings about a strange type of pleasure to realize the similarity of human experience which will remind you that the pain felt by you have been experienced and felt by someone else too. B Yousuf

If there's one bit of advice that recently broken up couples need, it is to focus on looking ahead, not in the past and not in the current mess of sadness, hurt, anger, betrayal and so forth. P Lindquist


"Trip over love,
you can get up.
Fall in love
and you fall forever."
Albert Einstein

"Love is a gift that happens when we let go of everything we thought worked."

Anne Wilson Schaef

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