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Oh that we'd all just love each other. Oh that I would love you, as you are, no matter what you do or don't have. Mary DeMuth, Live Uncaged: Find the Freedom You've Always Wanted
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The more kindly we treat people - the more we let God love others through us - the more real His Presence becomes to us.
Dave Roberson, The Walk of the Spirit
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The Word of God assures us that our God loves us with love that our minds cannot comprehend.
Michael Caputo, Bible Study: Going to the Source of Spiritual Success
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If you truly love someone, you will desire to make the effort to spend quality time with them to get to know them deeper.
Robert Woeger, God
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The fact of the matter is that God loves us and God believes we are valuable.
Michael D. Perkins, Identity Crisis: 21 Days of Discovering Who God Says You Are
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The alternative to practicing what Scripture calls speaking the truth in love is continuing to communicate a lie in fear. That's no way to live.
Beth Moore, The Promise of Security
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From His nature of awesome love flow all the qualities and dimensions of the character of God.
G B Woodcock, One with Christ | Series Two
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It was during the most difficult struggle of my life that I began to truly experience the depth of God's love, the strength of His peace.
Michele Ellison, Jesus Peace: 31 Days Finding Peace in His Presence
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Whatever is happening in your life, God will work it to your advantage. It may seem hopeless or unfair, but if you love Him and trust His plan, you will see the truth of it.
Ruthie Spoonemore, Faithful Living
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To be fully loved is something many of us strive to attain in life. We work on making ourselves lovable through how we look, what we do for others, or how we perform in this world.
Sarah Young, Jesus Calling Book Club Discussion Guide for Women
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Above all, Olsteen prides his ministry on putting his belief in the fact that each and every person is redeemable and worthy of God's love.
Chris Johnston, Joel Osteen: 50 Best Life Lessons, Teachings And Quotes
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As a father, we have so many limitations and short comings - we are not perfect. But GOD is! He is the perfect Father! And he loves you so extravagantly - you will never be able to understand.
Andrew Wright, Christian: How God Blows Me Away!
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