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"When you find true love you will know it as it will be like any other."
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"He believes that words can be a powerful healing tool if used with loving intention, to uplift, encourage and inspire."
John McLeod
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Love and cherish never compete. Gary L. Thomas
"Love and cherish never compete - they complement each other and even complete each other. At times, they certainly overlap."
Gary L. Thomas, Cherish: The One Word That Changes Everything for Your Marriage
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"When one person is in control of another, love cannot grow deeply and fully, as there is no freedom."
Henry Cloud; John Townsend, Boundaries in Marriage
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"Unconditional love is the gate that lets abundant happiness enter your home, and your heart, and stay there, forever."
Nathan Workman, Marriage: 3 Keys to Unlock Intimacy, Trustworthiness, and Unconditional Love
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"When we are in love, we are always happy and excited-trying to look and do our best to impress the other person and when we fall out of love (usually through a bad experience) then we tend to neglect ourselves and feel depressed."
L. V. Seachild, Valentine's Day: Poems For The Varying Emotions Of Love
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"The truth is - worry deadens love."
Sue Whitaker
Worry   |  

We first must love ourselves in order to be able to truly love anyone or anything. D Lafrinere
"We first must love ourselves in order to be able to truly love anyone or anything."
D Lafrinere
Believe In Yourself   |  

"A valentine warms the heart, so be brave and be smart, give one to the ones you love, now they have you to think of."
Kriss Stewart, Valentine's Book For Kids
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"Acknowledging that you have caused everything that happened and is happening in your life is the first step to genuinely love yourself."
Veronica Smith, Loving Yourself
Life   |  

"As you travel through life, your dreams will guide you, determination will get you there, and love will provide the greatest scenery of all."
Michelle C. Ustaszeski
Determination  |  

"The more you love yourself, the better you perform."
M. K. Soni
Being Yourself   |  

"The love that lasts is the love that stays in your heart even when it doesn't feel strong or wonderful."
Amy E. Dean
Perseverance   |  

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
How Do I Love

"We are on a journey through life and I believe it is love that is the vehicle that transports us on this journey. Love is how we find out who we are and what does or doesn't bring us joy."
TJ Gibbs - The Love Coach Get Ready For Love
Gift Of Love In Many Ways   |  

"Love is the spiritual magnetism that draws men together, for the working of miracles. "
Wilferd A. Peterson
Miracles   |  

"A good relationship is one that is constantly giving and receiving acts of love, and is constantly striving towards growth and working to rid the body of toxins rather than accumulating them."
Kevin Kerr, How to Be Happy and Live Life to the Fullest
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"Loving yourself is a daily quest, being grateful and admiring deeply what you are."
Frank Arrigazzi, TIP TOP Spiritual Lessons
Thanksgiving Quotes   |  

"Once I am filled with God's love, I've got something to give someone else. But many of us who have trouble loving ourselves are in fact still so self-absorbed that we're not really thinking about the other person."
Adam Hamilton, Love to Stay Book
Quotes about God   |  

Love much dear friends for love will bring the healing joy and hope of Spring. . .  John McLeod
"Love much dear friends for love will bring the healing joy and hope of Spring. . . "
John McLeod
Joy   |  

"Parents need to nurture self-reliance, love and acceptance in their children even at times when they make mistakes."
Dan Miller, Self Confidence for Teens
Children   |  

"We grow in love by choosing to serve, share, listen, forgive, etc. Love grows as we choose to act in love towards others."
Gregory Brown, Philippians: Pursuing Spiritual Maturity
Forgiveness   |  

"There's no feeling like getting something in the mail from your loved one. You start to smile before you've even opened it!"
Jennifer Weiner, 24 Love Letter Ideas
Smile Poems   |  

"There is not as much accomplished without love as there is with it. The presence of love is the greatest method, manner, mode, agent, and tool of change that there is in the universe."
Shannon Scott, Regret
Change   |  

"It's the give-and-take thing that makes life wonderful and keeps us safe, strong and sane in this crazy world. Be always ready to give love."
K.M. Kassi, Stress Management
Giving   |  

The whole purpose of life is to love God and love people. Jonathan Daugherty
"The whole purpose of life is to love God and love people. But what does this actually look like? It looks like serving the real needs of real individuals."
Jonathan Daugherty, Purity 301: Serve
Purpose   |  

"Choosing to participate in couples counseling shows that you are dedicated to the one you love, and that you are willing to do anything it takes in order to save the relationship."
Philip Johnson, Anger Management
Anger   |  

"It is true; marriage is about love, but couples must realize that it is all about sacrifices, understanding, responsibilities and many other challenges too. Love is just one factor of being married."
Karen Johnson, Marriage: The Secret To Rebuilding Trust, Intimacy, and Connection in your marriage
Marriage   |  

"Your primary job is to provide guidance to your child. That is showing real love to your child. Love is not just letting them do whatever they want, it is actually guiding them to do what they need."
Milton Stewart, Parental Guidance: The Short, Simple, and Straightforward Guide to Helping Your Child Succeed in School and Life
Words of Encouragement   |  

"Actions speak louder than thoughts - it's what you do when presented with the opportunity that showcase your love, or lack of."
Anna Shine, Marriage: Quick Advice How To Solve Your Problems In Relationship, Improve Communication Skills, Trust And Guide Your Marriage To Love, Intimacy And Happiness
Opportunity   |  

If you want to truly be happy in life, you need to love without condition, and without limit. Joseph Fisher
"If you want to truly be happy in life, you need to love without condition, and without limit. Love like love is all you have to give, and give like you are truly in love."
Joseph Fisher, Mother Teresa: 24 Brilliant Teachings And Lessons From Mother Teresa
Happy   |  

"Positive reinforcement and loving encouragement and instruction goes so much further in helping people to look back at their childhood with warm loving thoughts."
Rhonda Hart, Toddler Discipline
Positive   |  

"It (love) can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection- 'the unselfish loyal and and benevolent concern for the good of another'."
Lars Blackmore
Kindness   |  

"You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because they love you for who you are."
Bob Marley
Appreciation   |  

It is a splendid thing to think that the woman you really love will never grow old to you. Through the wrinkles of time, through the mask of years, if you really love her, you will always see the face you loved and won. And a woman who really loves a man does not see that he grows old; he is not decrepit to her; he does not tremble; he is not old; she always sees the same gallant gentleman who won her hand and heart. I like to think of it in that way; I like to think that love is eternal. And to love in that way and then go down the hill of life together, and as you go down, hear, perhaps, the laughter of grandchildren, while the birds of joy and love sing once more in the leafless branches of the tree of age.
Robert G. Ingersoll
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 Love is not a good part of your life; it's the most important part. Rick Warren
"Love should be your top priority, primary objective, and greatest ambition. Love is not a good part of your life; it's the most important part. The Bible says, 'Let love be your greatest aim'."
Rick Warren
Greatness   |  

"If God has blessed and supplied us with an abundance of things and we see someone in need and do not help, how can we say we love that person?"
John Buttrick, Fighting Temptation
Blessed   |  

"Despite the fact that we ought to show adoration to you mother each and every day, Mother's Day is that one day when we demonstrate the most love for you, and make you feel like a Queen."
Sheila Sage, Quotes to Inspire Motherhood
Mother   |  

"Family consists of people that love and Family consists of people that love and care about each other mutually, and no matter what our background is, we can have people to call family."
John Shea, Strategic Empathy
Family   |  

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