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"Marriage is like a school. It is a life-long span education." Author Unknown
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"Love does not consist in gazing at each other but looking in the same direction together."
Antonne de Saint-Exupery
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"Matrimony is a process by which a grocer acquires an account the florist had."
Francis Rodman
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"Surrounding yourself with others who build up your marriage rather than attempt to tear it down was a must."

Fawn Weaver, Happy Wives Club
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"But reality certainly is nothing like a fairytale. Some marriages may appear to be magical like this, but every single married couple will come across issues throughout their union."

Alexis G. Roldan, Marriage: How To Revive And Strengthen Your Marriage
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"One of the basic aspects of marriage, that so often goes overlooked is the need for the husband and wife to be friends."
Chris Canuel, Restless In The Home
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"If you ask most women what they desire most in their marriage it's communication and connection."
Larry Hagner, The Dad's Edge
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"As a matter of fact I think sometimes one of our biggest mistakes is to buy into the idea that marriage is going to be perfect. THERE ARE NO PERFECT MARRIAGES."
Paul Kendall, The Marriage Miracle
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If in your younger years you may have experienced adjustments in your marriage, work or other factors that may have affected your relationship, aging could come as the next issue older couples have to face.
Jane John-Nwankwo, How to Become a Better Wife
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You have to work at marriage in the same way as you work at a job: make allowances, communicate your feelings, and think about your partner's needs as well as your own.
Gerard Strong, The Groom's Guide
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"Marriage is the foundation of the family unit."

L. Ron Hubbard

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For a marriage to work, both members of the couple must be ready to forgive each other numerous times every day.
Vivian Sandau, Mutual Respect in Marriage
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