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In addition to contributing wisdom and words of encouragement to this site, M. K. Soni's hobbies include: reading, writing and social work including helping in organizing medical camps for senior citizens, Lions International. He also helps students to excel in studies by giving merit incentives. We are very pleased to offer our congratulations to M. K., who in 2003 published his first book titled, "My Gems". You can read more about this wonderful man, The Impact of M.K. Soni, how I met him and the wisdom he shared with me.

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Life is Like a Multifaceted Prism
by M. K. Soni

Life is like a multifaceted prism, which gives different colored images, when viewed from different angles. Look how it appears to different people:

a. Life is a struggle, face it.
b. Life is a brief intermission, between birth and death, enjoy it.
c. Life is a lesson, learn it.

d. Life is not a joke, take it seriously.
e. Life is work, work is life.
f. Life is a dream, to be realized.

g. Life is to be lived, enjoy it.
h. Life, without a wife, is no life.
i. Life is not a bed of roses.

j. Life is an ocean, fathom it.
k. Life is an opportunity, don't miss it.
l. Life without love is desolate.

m. Life is a goldmine, exploit it.
n. Life is what you make it.
o. Life lies in optimism. Be a positive thinker.

p. Life is like a game of snakes and ladders; one faces many pitfalls before one reaches the top.
q. Life will be a pleasure, if you love your work.
r. Life without goals, is groping in darkness.

s. Life without trust is a life in turmoil.
t. Life is a journey; make it as pleasant as possible.
u. Life doesn't mean bread alone.

v. Life is meaningful, only if there is a mission.
w. Life is enriched by good friendship.
x. Life doesn't mean years alone: "It Is The Life In Those Years"

y. Life is useful, if you contribute something, that will outlive it.
z. Life lies in diversity, not in monotony.

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