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"What motivates you to change, to take action?"
Change   |  

"When you feel as though you're working on the same things over and over again and your kids aren't changing, it's important to remember the need to build internal motivation."
Scott Turansky, Joanne Miller RN, The Christian Parenting Handbook: 50 Heart-Based Strategies for All the Stages of Your Child's Life
Work   |

"Verbal praise and recognition go a long way to ensuring that your team and relationships stay loyal and motivated."
D. Chandler, Communication: Influence and Persuasion Secrets
Teamwork  |  

"Familiar things like Christmas trees, candy canes, Santa Claus, and lighting displays have little-known histories or deeper meanings that make them worthy of contemplation for for those of us who celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God."
David McLaughlan, The Top 40 Traditions of Christmas: The Story Behind the Nativity, Candy Canes, Caroling, and All Things Christmas
Christmas  |  

"In sports, players need to be reminded of their competition to become motivated to practice. The same can be applied in business."
Gavin McGinnis, Coaching: 10 Coaching Skills to Help Your Team Focus, Take Action, Stay Motivated and Accomplish Goals!
Sports   |  

"With good habits, your primary motivation for change is a toward response to something good."
Stephen Guise, Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results
Good  |  

"You can't motivate all students with the same encouragement, because students don't all have achievement goals. Successful motivation needs to be targeted to their goals."
Fiona McPherson, How to Approach Learning
Words of Encouragement   |  

"Love is a prime motivator in life."
Russ Stiffler, Love and February
Love   |  

"If you never seek motivation and you never find something that really gets you going, you're going to find it impossible to reach your dreams because you simply won't be trying."
Alex Fitel, Excuses: How to Stop Making Them and Start Living
Dream  |  

"Showing enthusiasm also motivates others around you."
Catherine Pulsifer
Enthusiasm   |  

"Competition can be a very strong motivation. But I have learned that it becomes most powerful when you compete with yourself and when you learn from your failures."
Mary Kay Ash

"The book is a wonderful motivator, one that you can refer to on a daily basis. Messiah's Handbook, Reminders for the Advanced Soul by Richard Bach."
Catherine Pulsifer
Book   |  

"When you are self motivated, you are far more likely to succeed in building positive new habits than if you are told to do so by an outside source."
Henry Lee, Habit Master
Confidence   |  

"Showing appreciation for a job well done can be a motivator in itself!"
Byron and Catherine Pulsifer
Appreciation   |  

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. John Lubbock
"What we see depends mainly on what we look for."
John Lubbock
Beauty   |  

"People who are highly motivated are people who pursue more training in areas they find inspiration."
Cary Bergeron, 12 Simple Secrets To Staying Motivated
Inspirational Quotes  |  

"Why we are here is important, but to know where we are going is imperative. It's not what you've got, it's what you use, that makes a difference in how your life turns out."
Zig Ziglar
Making A Difference   |  

"If you fail to have a positive attitude, your motivation to work will be drastically affected."
Brian Adams, Time Management
Positive Attitude  |  

"The embarrassment of admitting you haven't been sticking to your goals is often enough to motivate you to continue."
Richard D. Rawlings, End Bad Habits
Achievement of Goals   |

"...there are those people who only live. These people have mundane lives that lack excitement or motivation."
Ryanne Knight, Success
Success   |  

"Motivation and action are very much interrelated."
K. Elizabeth, Follow Your Passion
Action   |  

"What visualization does though is help you get into action. It gives you that positive energy and motivation to do so."
Brian M. Heater, Start the Revolution Within
Vision   |  

"Leadership basically pertains to motivating one's self or a group to strive towards achieving each and every step goal created during the planning stage."
Devan Skywisdom, Vision Board
Leadership   |  

"A child who is never allowed to feel bad about herself will feel a lot less intrinsic motivation to improve."
Britney Watkins, The Ultimate Guide To Parenting: How To Raise Children Without Screwing Them Up
Children   |  

"Daily exercise has a ton of benefits associated with it. You can enjoy lower stress levels, better concentration and motivation."
Mike C. Adams, Self Discipline
Joy   |  

"Goals are motivating because they give you a finish line."
Bill Price, Efficient Language Learning: Goal Settting and Time Management in Language Learning
Goals   |  

"Some stress is good to keep us motivated, but too much stress is harmful. By taking on a simple life, you can shed a lot of the activities that have caused you stress and make your life healthier and happier."
Kathy Stanton, Simple Living And Loving It
Stress   |  

"Whatever the task, find creative ways to motivate yourself, get up and do what needs to be done, and reward yourself for your efforts. No excuses!"
Sadé Jasmín, Be Wise: 50 Ways to Maximize Your Potential with the Word of God
Excuses   |  

"One of these conditions is perseverance, that is, the motivation to keep going forward with your plan because you believe in it, even when you face roadblocks and when results seem to be too far away."
Gabriel Torres, Money Myths: The Path to Your Financial Freedom
Perseverance   |  

"Positive self-talk can provide you with a short burst of motivation that will help you push through obstacles and reach the next level."
Martin Meadows, Confidence: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals
Positive   |  

"In increasing your motivation, it's often helpful to clarify what you want for the future. If you know your desired outcome, that positive vision of the future can give you the energy that spurs you along on your journey to success."
James Adler, Motivation: Boost Your Motivation with Powerful Mindfulness Techniques and Be Unstoppable
Future   |  

"You can download a few inspirational quotes on your phone and read them in the mornings. This will make sure that you will be in a place to keep yourself motivated throughout the day and complete all your tasks."
Jill Hesson, Self-Discipline: 21 Days to Develop Your Confidence, Willpower and Motivation
Quotations   |  

"A simple change in instruction can significantly affect motivation and test performance. Motivation is of course another critical factor in academic performance."
Fiona McPherson, How to Approach Learning: What teachers and students should know about succeeding in school
Teacher   |  

"Listen and read about motivational inspiring things. What you take in is what will shine out."
Rock Bankole, Cheryl Jerabek, How to Talk to Anyone with Power and Confidence
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