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Once you know what motivates you then you can use those things in your everyday life. Paul Brodie, Motivation 101
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They (Nick's parents) also told me nearly every day that there were no limits on my life. You may lack limbs, but you can do anything you want," they said. Nick Vujicic
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Everything that is past is either a learning experience to grow on, a beautiful memory to reflect on, or a motivating factor to act upon. Denis Waitley
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Every action, thought and feeling is motivated by an intention, and that intention is a cause that exists as one with an effect. Oprah Winfrey
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Motivation is interwoven with the goals you make and the habits you form in order to achieve them. Matthew Lewis Browne, Better Habits: How to Build Good Habits and Make Them Stick
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If you want to be happy, successful, and have extreme confidence, then you have to somehow turn the pessimistic voice in your head into an encouraging one. Beau Norton, Extreme Confidence
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Savor the moment. Most people fear the future. Sometimes you see yourself worrying about what will happen. The best thing to do is to banish all your worries about the future. John Rogers, Motivation Secrets Book - How to Get Motivated Today And Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
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When you feel positive, you become more motivated and inspired to go for your dreams and become successful. Gabor Cadman, Confidence: Easy Steps to Attain Super Confidence
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Building a family plan with expectations and accountability for all members builds up the family and motivates each person to do their personal best everyday. Keith and Maya Traver, Parental Leadership
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It's worth taking a risk when motivated by faith in God's Word. Ruben Barreto, You Have What It Takes
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Music can inspire creativity and motivate us, and whether it triggers a subtle tap of our foot, a clap of our hands, or a dance involving our whole body, music physically moves us. Quite simply, music is transformational. Brett Blumenthal, 52 Small Changes for the Mind
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You can't hit a target unless you are aiming for it, and you can't achieve a goal without having it. Shawn Doyle, Two Months to Motivation
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You should create your own energy, your own motivation - the energy, motivation comes from inside of you, from the actual apprehension. Ly Nguyen, Time Management: 80/20-in-80/20
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If I was going to be successful, I knew I had to discover the secrets to sustaining my motivation and high levels of productivity. B. N. Norton, Motivation Into Success
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Get motivated, stay focused and work towards worthy goals each day with dogged determination. Matt Bishop, The 8 Pillars of Career and Business Success
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With motivation you get willpower, and with willpower you get the strength to work hard for what you want. Fred Juliusson, Get Going! Life is Short!
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Instead of being succumbed by the pressure and stress, you should rather use it as a motivator to take action. Mike Mraz, Everything You Need To Know About Stress Management in 1,000 Words
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