Romantic Poems

May these romantic poems remind you how fragile love can be. Mary Bradish once said, "I think we fall in love with people who have something to teach us. And sometimes that is a hard lesson and sometimes it's a safe and loving lesson." You will find that in this poetry, expressions and feelings of feeling safe and loved and expressions and feelings of being disappointed. Love surrounds all of our life but sometimes we don't feel like there is any romance. Don't wait for others to put the romance in a relationship take the initiative and put the romance in yourself. There are many things you can do, sending poems, sending a valentine's day quote early, cooking a favorite dinner, sending one rose. Don't let the romance die, be active and keep it alive!

My Sweetheart
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2017

You are my sweetheart,
From you I will never depart.
I will love you forever, on that you can count
You make me feel special in ways I can recount
That kiss on the forehead, your hand in my hand
When I am with you I feel so grand.
The look in your eyes express your love
Together we are like two leather gloves.
So as the years pass by may we never forget
May we never look back with a regret
Once in a lifetime a love like ours occurs
We should be thankful and never deter
The love that we have been blessed with
May we love and celebrate our fifith.

Love Is
Poet: Thomas a Kempis

Love is good above all others,
which alone maketh every
burden light.
Love is watchful, and
whilst sleeping still
keeps watch; though fatigued
is not weary;
though pressed is not forced.
Love is sincere, gentle,
strong, patient, faithful,
prudent, long-suffering, manly.
Love is circumspect, humble,
upright, not weary, not fickle,
not intent on vain things, sober,
chaste, steadfast, quiet, and
guarded in all the senses.

Love You Forever
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2017

Romance was once only a dream
It seemed impossible for my life it seemed.
But then you did appear
And all of a sudden it seemed so clear.
A soul mate was to be discovered
My prayers had been answered
When God sent you to me
This person that I could not foresee.
You make my life so complete
Each day I happily greet.
Thank you for lovin me
I will love you forever that I guarantee!

Like A Fairytale
Poet: Kate Summers© 2017

When I met you my heart you took
It was a like a fairy tale from a book.
Our eyes they met and we knew it to be true
I felt it from the beginning that I love you.
I didn't know love could be this way
It makes me want to see you each day
Your smile, your charm, your thoughtful ways
You always seem to amaze.
I feel so blessed to have met you that
I love the way you are so affectionate.
So like in the fairy tale of old
I now think very bold
Together we will live happily
And no one will come between us, never!

The One I Love
Poet: Kelsie Hooton, © 2007

Within your arms, I'm sure no harm can be done.
The brick wall that stands
when I'm at home and school is taken down.

Your soft hands run down my back.
Today you gave me 6 different colored roses.
Each color is a symbol of the different ways you love me.

Rose #1 was a rarely seen blue rose.
Blue as in the color of my eyes.
Rose #2 and #3 was yellow and orange,
for the colors of the sunset on our first meeting.

Rose #4 was pink.
For the color of my lips when you kiss them.
Rose #5 was white,
for the color of my dress the night of your prom.

And the last rose was red.
But, this one was fake.
You said that red was for my love for you.

I look at you and ask why is it fake. You responded,
I will love you till the last one dies.

Someone Like You
Poet: K. Hooton, © 2005

I feel I'm searching
Looking always for someone,
someone to love,
someone who loves me back,
someone who wants to be with the real me,
the me that no one but he will know,
someone who will allow me to know him,
someone who calls just to say hello,
someone to comfort and to hold,
someone who respects and cares for me,
someone who will tell me when something is bothering him,
someone that can make me laugh even on the worst of days,
someone who's face lights up every time I enter the room,
someone like you.

The Hands of The Man That I Once Loved
Poet: K. Hooton, © 2005

Although it was
his eyes that drew me close and
his lips that devoured every strand of
strength within me and
his voice that calmed my fears
It was his hands
I loved the most.

So strong and powerful,
always warm and soft,
the hands that held me when I was sick,
the hands that calmed my anger,
but never dried my teary eyes
after they pushed me away,
the hands that waved good bye
when it had just began.

Although it was
his hands I loved the most,
they were not the hands
of the man that I once loved,
But the hands of a boy
too weak to catch me.

Just Not The Same
By K. Hooton, © 2005

It feels like such a long time
Since we've been together.
The many memories
I will forever treasure.

Now there are times
We cry together.
I liked the ones
we laughed much better.

The times we fought
who loved who more.
But at least then
we knew we loved for sure.

Struck By A Dart
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2017

It started as a flirtation and before I knew
A romantic courtship started to brew.
A relationship was developing before my eyes
And I must honestly say it took me by surprise.

There was an enchantment about the person you were
And a fascination about the things that occurred.
This person I now admired oh I was intrigue
No matter what we did I was never fatigued.

So what started out as a fling
Was now developing into the real thing.
A passion was now filling my heart
Love has struck me like a dart!

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
"We do not love people because they are beautiful, but because they seem beautiful to us because we love them." Russian Proverb

"And each time I whisper 'I love you,' I'm trying to remind you that you're the nicest thing that has ever happened to me." Douglas Pagels

"Love is the cause and result of energy." Greg Henry Quinn

"Love is something that flows out of our deep sense of loving ourselves. It is not possible to love another if we don't know and love ourselves." Anne Wilson Schaef

"So, if it's hard to get the attention of those who know and love you, imagine how much harder it is to get the attention of those just out of arm's reach. David Jenyns

"The more you love the more you'll find that life is good and friends are kind and only what we give away enriches us from day to day." Helen Steiner Rice

"A valentine warms the heart, so be brave and be smart, give one to the ones you love, now they have you to think of." Kriss Stewart

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me. That's what I'd hoped to give you forever." Nicholas Sparks

"Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far, the truest type of love." Henry David Thoreau

"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment." Sarah Dessen

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