Kindness Does Not Fade

Author: , 2012

It is always a concern that a parent is looked after properly. This is especially true as they grow older and live on their own. For a lot of us, we have crossed the threshold of age ourselves, as we are probably part of the baby-boomers so prevalent in our global societies. There are very few nations not affected by the baby-boom phenomenon where elderly people now outrank the young.

Challenges Abound
I personally experienced the turmoil and heavy emotions that came with the growing difficulties of my own father heightened when he was no longer able to live in his own apartment after the death of my mother. I was not the only family member involved in attempting to persuade him to move into a residential senior home and each one of my siblings played an active role in this persuasion. The other challenge was to allow us to sell his car so he could no longer drive - his driving had deteriorated with the onset of dementia. This was very difficult because he had been driving as part of his living for many decades.

In this situation, the only way we, as a family, could handle this emotionally challenging times was to be united in our caring and loving concern. We set aside any of our wants or wishes so that we could find Dad the best place to meet his needs now and for the future. The final process unfolded without too much difficulty but unfortunately his time at this senior residence was short lived because of the rapid onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Kindness Must Prevail
But, this new challenge was handled with the same kindness and concern as before. And, while it was heart wrenching to have to commit our father to a secure environment, it was the best we could do in the circumstances. As our father had been kind and loving to us all over his many years, it was only fitting that we repaid the same kindness and more.

Happiness of Major Importance
My father died several years ago now and I thought that I would be saved from going through all of this emotional upheaval again for many years. But, as life continues to evolve, we cannot avoid the . . .
"Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust and hostility to evaporate."
Albert Schweitzer


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