Perseverance is the Ability

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"Perseverance allows you to get back on track when you hit a detour."

Searching For The Secret
Many people search for the one secret that will propel them forward. Some look for these secrets within countless articles, or speak to people who have made it big in a chosen field.

What people are looking for is the one secret that they can duplicate so that, in some cases, they can avoid the work. Others will continuously search for this vital secret so that they can make it to the end of the rainbow, to have what they've always wanted, or to create a life where they have more control rather than letting others guide them down an unrewarding path. So, what can be learned by researching; what secret is there that will assist you in capturing your desires and making them real?

What Is It?
For those who actually researched leaders, the inventors, the financially successful, there is one secret found within them all. Don't be disappointed. The secret is a simple one, that we can all do if we put our mind to it. The secret - it is perseverance.

What Does It Mean
Perseverance is the ability to keep going in the face of continuous challenges. It is the ability to disregard distractions and to stay focused. For every success, there are tons of failures.

To those who know the secret, these failures served to help them identify ways that failed knowing full well that they would find the right way to succeed. Knowing the secret kept these people excited because it is with this secret engrained within their souls that they could defeat all those who gave up when met with obstacles, all those who use failure as a rationale to quit, and all those who think that success comes before work.

Failure As A Teacher
So, what does failure have to do with attaining success? It teaches you that you may have to take detours to get to your end goal. But, as long as you persevere and realize that the detour is simply another alternative path in the direction of your goal, you will continue to move forward. Those who see a detour as a reason to quit, lack perseverance. You will always face challenges as you work towards your goals.

To think there will be no obstacles is to think that a long lost millionaire relative will leave you a fortune. It takes effort and belief to persevere and stay dedicated to accomplish your goal. When you find yourself doubting whether the effort is worth it, visualize how you will feel and what you will have once your goal is completed. Perseverance means that you will not be satisfied until you attain what you want. It means that no matter how many people tell you you're foolish to even try, your inner strength will readily discount their negative speak.

Your Spark
Within each person there is a spark; a spark that only you can ignite. Your spark will allow you to see a future that is more rewarding, which leads you to setting a goal, which leads you to take action where perseverance is your secret weapon.

Now that you know the secret, what will your life be like in the future?

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