Poems about God

Be encouraged and inspired by this collection of poems about God. May they remind you to trust God and of His love for each one of us.

Come With Me To Glory
Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2009

Though time should run out, my love never will, You are my life and my trust;
You are the One who holds me secure, You are the holy One; the Just.
Graves cannot contain my spirit;
death is not the end of time,
Though my body turns to ashes, I will rest in peace sublime.

All on earth is temporary, soon to vanish without trace,
Wealth holds no eternal virtue, yet it's held in man's embrace.
Much is sacrificed for riches, human beings bought and sold,
No respect for God's creation, but the mighty power of gold.

Life is but a fleeting moment, just a shadow o'er the sun,
Man cannot create extensions;
God decides when life is done.
Man seems bent on self destruction, not prepared for what's ahead,
Needless of the many warnings and of things that he should dread.

I have learned to rest completely, even though I cannot see,
I can trust in God's good judgment, I am His eternally.
But I'm part of His commission: "Bring the news to every land,"
Draw the nations to the Saviour, help the world to understand.
Riches, glory, fame and honour have no value to the soul,
Be prepared to meet your Maker, He has all things in control.

When my earthly ties are severed and I stand before my King,
It would be my greatest pleasure, more reward than anything:
Having you stand there with me, loving Jesus like I do,
Having made that great decision, you will join the saved ranks too.

I could not forsake my Master after what He's done for me,
Earthly ties become redundant with my soul at liberty.
Hand in hand we'll stand before Him, in that holy, heavenly place,
Seeing Jesus in His glory, gazing on His holy face.

Contentment comes from peace within when worldly thoughts are still  Greta Zwaan
"Contentment comes from peace within when worldly thoughts are still."
Greta Zwaan
Inner Peace


Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2012

Contentment comes from peace within when worldly thoughts are still;
When a heart is right with God, when you obey His will.
"Be still and know that I am God, I know the path you'll take;
Though some decisions may be hard and cause your heart to ache.

I promise I will not forsake or leave you all alone,
I'll walk beside you all the way, and see you safely home.
I have prepared a place for you where tears will fall no more,
Where loneliness does not exist, beyond the golden shore.

Remember all I've given you, perhaps not wealth or fame;
But everything that you required to which your hand laid claim.
'Twas in your interest that I gave all that was best for you,
Not for your greed but for your good, I always walked with you.

Be not concerned that others have things you could not attain;
Contentment ought to fill your heart that you can bless My name.
I carried you through trying times and drew you close to me;
I'll never, ever walk away - you're Mine, and yet you're free."

Oh, the loving hands of Jesus, paid the penalty for sin. Greta Zwaan
"Oh, the loving hands of Jesus, paid the penalty for sin."
Greta Zwaan
God's Love

The Hands Of Jesus

Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2009

Little hands lie in the manger, flailing in the cool night air,
Reaching out to touch His mother, feeling love and tender care.
Junior hands within the workshop, Joseph teaching Him his trade,
I imagine happy moments showing Mary what He'd made.

Hands that held the words of Scripture, in the temple as a lad,
Telling scholars things of glory; knowledge that they'd never had.
Hands that gave a blind man vision to behold the world anew,
Hands that touched a leper's body, cleansed and healed him through and through.

Hands that held the little children, cuddling them upon His knee,
Telling weary, toil worn mothers, "Let your offspring come to Me."
Hands that took a cup of water from the woman at the well,
Told her that He knew her heartache, things that she would never tell.

Hands that baked the fish for breakfast on the seashore for His men,
Hands that blessed the food he offered, bringing God His thanks again.
Hands that whipped the money changers in a temple meant for praise
When He saw the degradation and the anger that did raise.

Yet these hands were gentle, loving, kind,
compassionate but strong,
Lifting up the broken-hearted, guiding lives that had gone wrong.
These very hands have been rejected, humbled by a rugged cross;
Nails that made His blood run freely; heaven's gain, but man's great loss.

But these hands are still extended, reaching out to draw men in,
Oh, the loving hands of Jesus, paid the penalty for sin.

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