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How often do we purchase a CD due to the words of one song, only to be disappointed to hear the remainder of the CD. I can't tell you how many CD's I own where there is one song on the CD that has a special meaning to me and the rest of the songs are just okay.

Heard Jennie Emery
I recently have had the pleasure of corresponding with a singer by the name of Jennie Emery. She lives in BC, Canada.

She was on an interview that I heard and one of her songs was played. Something about that song intrigued me and I wanted to hear the rest of her CD. I contacted her by email and got her mailing address and ordered the CD.

Pleasantly Surprised
When the CD arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the selection of songs. All of the songs had a positive message that I could personally relate to or reminded me of someone in my life that could use to hear the message in Jennie's song.

I did some research on Jennie and found a write up about her CD on the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

The site states a quote from Jennie:
"In choosing the songs for this CD I wanted to communicate ideas of awareness, spirituality, peace and harmony. I hope something on this album has special meaning for you."

Positive Message
My response to Jennie is that you have succeeded! For me personally the CD does have a special meaning. Rarely do I hear a CD that is filled with such positive messages.

Would Recommend
It is rare that I personally recommend a product however this CD is one that I would recommend. The CD is available from Jennie. Her website Jennie Emery

Songs on the CD
1. Let There Be Light
2. Broken Dreams
3. Sweet Inspiration
4. Tell Me Who I Am
5. Don't Throw It Away
6. When I'm Back On My Feet Again
7. White Water
8. Love In Any Language
9. Reach For The Light
10. We Shall Be Free
11. I Believe I Can Fly
12. Leading You Home

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