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Got no talents? That''s not true. God equipped everybody with something beautiful. Jillian Hall, Joyce Meyer, Lessons Of Leadership And Success
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The most fundamental belief in the Christian faith is that Jesus Christ is God Himself clothed in human flesh. He is not merely some figure out of history or the object of some sentimental story from our childhood. He is God.
O. S. Hawkins, The Joshua Code
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This idea that God can use children to teach us, that we have an opportunity to gain spiritual insight from those we are called to raise and teach, comes from our Lord himself, who in this regard was something of a revolutionary.
Gary L. Thomas, Sacred Parenting
Teacher   |

Waiting on God requires our intentional cooperation, and it's inevitable that if we don't decide now on some ways to deliberately wait on God between now and Christmas, we will come to December 25th with souls prepared (or ill-prepared) to the same degree as they have been in the past.
Daniel Ethan Harris, Wait: Four Weeks of Preparing the Soul for Christmas
Christmas   |

It is such a glorious thing when Christ so transforms someone that you can't even imagine that person being what he or she used to be. You realize that it is the power of a changed life. And that is what God can do.
Greg Laurie
Imagination   |

Believe today that in Christ, you have what it takes to not be afraid and to be a person that God can use to change people's lives.
Joyce Meyers
Fear   |  

The Christian life is not a prescription of what we are to do, but the promise of what God will do in us through Jesus Christ.
John Juneman, LifeMessage 365
Teach Me   |  

The beauty of the character of God is that every one of His attributes complements each other.
Jimmy Che, 365 Bible Verses andJoel Osteen Quotes
Character   |

God longs for your happiness and He has plans for your life.
Janet Fuller, The Bible: The Key Bible Chapters
Happiness   |  

When we look backward, we see that God was in control even when it looked like our lives were out of control .
Steve Farrar, God Built
Words of Life   |

Stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God. Job 37:14
Stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.
Job 37:14
Expressions of God   |

The test of whether we have truly found the peace of God will be in how face the sufferings which befall us.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Peace   |  

Too often we try to use God to change our circumstance, when God is trying to use our circumstance to change us.
Nicky Gumbel
Change   |  

When we let go and let God we have the key to glorious living, and what is far more important - the key to an eternity with God.
Albert E. Cliffe, Let Go and Let God
Thoughts Of Psalm 23   |  

One reason God sent His Son to earth was to make sure we would know just how He, God the Father, feels about us and just how He sees us. He is moved by the needs of your life.
Robert Crosby from The One Jesus Loves
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Keeping consistent in God's word will lift you up and encourage you!
Andrew Farland, Change Your Perspective Change You Life!
Words of Encouragement   |  

Sometimes it takes me being down to my last bit of hope to reach out to God and trust his word, but when I finally do, he always comes through.
Robin Zaruba, God Is...: a 30 Day Devotional of Spiritual Metaphors and Sanctified Adverbs
Hope   |  

Thus, to understand love we must understand the One that is the Source of true Love: God.
Michael Caputo, The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Love   |  

He who does not believe God's promises will never love Him.
Thomas Watson, The Pure in Heart
God Knows Best   |  

While God knows you intimately, you must also seek to know Him so that your blessed identity becomes more real to you day by day.
Aliyah Samara, Diary of a Reborn Woman: New Identity Needed
Blessed Quotes   |

God uses those around you to encourage you and to help you with changes you may wish to make. You may be the person God uses to help others.
Tim Sawyer, Peter: A model for following Jesus (Bible Book 1)
Helping Others   |  

The first step of extraordinary parenting is to realize that each child is a gift from God and that you are allotted that gift for a maximum of 21 years.
Kendell Fox, Parenting: Raising The Best Kids
Children   |  

God's will is for you to live on earth, as you will in heaven. God wants you to have peace in every area of your life.
Robin Bremer, How to Have Peace: Anytime & Anywhere
Let God Guide You   |

And then he goes on to open the Word of God and show us how we can experience this glorious wonde - that the God Who created the universe and all that is therein desires to communicate with us, His children, and that He is communicating with us - we just have to learn how to hear Him!
Sheldon Newton, Hearing The Voice of God: Discerning God's Voice From All The Other Voices
Communication   |  

Yes, God made man to fit within His perfect plan. He wants to fellowship with us, just like we want to share time with our spouses.
Linda Thomas, He Put a Song in my Heart
Sharing   |  

Thank God, He knows better than we do what is needed. I have learned one other thing, one thing I would like to share, the truth I have witnessed with my own eyes, the only truth I know… There is hope.
Vickie Saine, From Tribulation to Peace
Adversity and God   |  

Open your eyes to the possibility that while you have been planning and dreaming, God has been working the night shift and bringing about something that is infinitely beyond your highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes.
Robin Zaruba, God Is...
Possibilities   |  

The day you get that rare chance to coming face to face with the creator of all things there are on earth, the giver of life, health, joy, peace, love and happiness, then that becomes your day of redemption and the assurance you get from knowing God is enough to last a lifetime.
Steven Nash, Prayer For Beginners
Joy   |  

We need God to remove the stone of anxious feelings and behaviors to allow access and healing to our long-buried fears. God longs to provide this healing, but will not impose it on us.
Betty Wade; Darlene M. Wetzel, Anxiety: Your Biblical Guide to Kill This Giant
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It is worth noting that we can hardly be obedient if we do not know what God demands of us; that is why it is so important to study the word of God continually.
Clive Nicholson PhD, Baptism: let's not water it down!
Some Learning From The Bible   |

Yes, we have a loving and forgiving God who understands when we mess up, but if we mess up because of lack of preparation, effort, and a don't care attitude, then the coach is going to recognize that, and God will as well.
Ramsey Coutta, Faith Surge
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"God stands, very closely to make His grace sufficient for you and encourage you on Christian establishment, Spiritual progress and eternity."
Pastor Paul Rika, The Key of Your Life is in Your Hand
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As we get into the mind and plan of God, our faith will grow, and its power will be manifest in ourselves and those for whom we are believing.
Andrew Murray, How to Raise Children for Christ
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We have learned that every child is precious and that every life is sacred. We have discovered that God doesn't make mistakes, so every situation that isn't "normal" is something He allowed.
Brandon Buell, Brittany Buell, Don't Blink: What the Little Boy Nobody Expected to Live Is Teaching the World about Life
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You will find the prayers here will help you find God's strength to carry on toward personal satisfaction despite life's troubles and anxieties.
Toby Peterson, Prayer | The 100 Most Powerful Prayers for Parenting
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