Miracle Quotes and Sayings

Be inspired and be encouraged by reading these miracle quotes and sayings. We marvel at the wonder of miracles and we are always looking for examples of them, yet if we just stopped and thought about it they are around us everyday.

"Miracles happen every day you just have to look for them, they are there."
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"The fact people do not know you by name, or you are not as highly educated as many of your peers or friends should not stop you from receiving a miracle touch from God."
David Odunaiya, How To Make Faith Work In Your Life
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"You don't have to look far to see a miracle life is rich with them."
Author Unknown
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Each of my days are miracles. 
  I won't waste my day;
  I won't throw away miracle. Kelley Vicstrom
"Each of my days are miracles. I won't waste my day; I won't throw away miracle."
Kelley Vicstrom
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"Let us not forget that Christmas is truly a time for giving. Not just for our friends and family but for those who are less fortunate. That is the miracle of Christmas!"
Catherine Pulsifer
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"Do not underestimate the positive energies you create when you know how to be grateful with the daily miracles surrounding you."
Henry Good, Selfishness
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"Some people think great miracles no longer happen, they no longer believe, but if they believed, their eyes would be open to them as they they happen everyday."
Catherine Pulsifer
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"An amazing miracle rises when we pray for revival. When we enter into intimate communion with God, He converts hate into love, anger into peace, and fear into courage."
Sammy Tippit, The Approaching Darkness
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"Look at the birth of a child, how can you not believe in miracles?"
Catherine Pulsifer
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"Yet when each of us gives what we have, the miracle of multiplication occurs again."
Alice Camille, 2009: A Book of Grace-Filled Days
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"Not only do I have hope, but faith in God brings about a miraculous change in me."
Patricia A Gilpin-Hudson; Carol R Muschette, Find Joy in Daily Living
Hope   |

"The Acts relate stories of miracles, which can still happen today."
Mary DeKok Blowers, Filled With the Holy Spirit
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"While we haven't raised anyone from the dead, we have fed a lot of hungry people and seen the sick and injured made well. Those are God's great miracles, those He works through people helping other people."
Wendell E, Mettey, What God Desires
Helping Others   |  

"May each of us, in our unique ways, experience the miracles of birth and resurrections that are all around us."
Jane Gilgun, Stories and Poems About Mothers
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"Another key to ushering in the glory is sacrificial giving. It opens up the glory and miracles in ways that nothing else will."
David Herzog, Living in the Glory Every Day
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"When God is our strength, we begin to not only see miracles in the lives of others, but in our lives as well."
E'yen A Gardner, Chosen One
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"The more we have to testify of and the more people testifying, the more the world will realize how deep and wide His love, that miracles happen and prayer works."
Bill Vincent, Glory: Increasing God's Presence
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"We are told that many of the miracles Jesus performed "are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name." (John 20:31)"
Dan Delzell, What Would Jesus Say to Churches Today?
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"Faith, even faith for miracles, comes through our ability not to betray the spiritual covenant that we have with God."
Keith Intrater, Covenant Relationships: A More Excellent Way
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"Digging for and sharing our gratitude changes us... and it prepares us for the miracle that is coming. Immanuel."
Jenni Hunt, Haywire Christmas: Inviting Jesus Into the Mess
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"I must ask God for impossible things for the men, to receive miracles."
Alberlin Torres, Notes of Victory
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"Remember how the Scripture said Jesus had been performing a lot of signs and healings? Most of these miracles were performed in public. Everyone saw them. That's why the crowds were flocking to Jesus."
Daniel Hochhalter, Losers Like Us: Redefining Discipleship after Epic Failure
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Jesus was innocent, but it was Godís plan that he gave his life willingly, to take the judgment for the sins of the world upon himself, as our substitute.
Robert Medlin, The Power of Miracles: Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever
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Great miracles performed Jesus throughout his ministry, healthy blind, crippled, raised the dead, forgive sins, he did everything for that the people would not continue living their lives under the curse of disease, everyone who heard Jesus preach and believe in that power they were activated and received their miracles.
Alberlin Torres, The Power of Believe in Jesus
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It is hard for us to wrap our mind around the greatest miracle of all time being that God, who dwells outside of time and the material, would subject himself to his creation.
Aaron Mamuyac, 30 Prayers with the Names of Jesus

I knew God was awesome, and could do miracles, but had no idea how to get him to change me.
Alexander Powys, God Will Use It For Good!
Change   |  

When you are outside; the enemy defeats you in so many ways you come to the house of God, you will find people that have words of power, gifted with the gift of authority and the miraculous workings of God. By their ministration and prayer, all those weaknesses, sickness go away and you receive your miracle, become strengthened again praising God.
Pastor Paul Rika, The Key of Your Life is in Your Hand
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