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"God shows his expressions, in many different ways. The shinning stars at night, and the sun with warming rays.
Gods Expressions  |

"Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible."
Mao Tse-Tung
Possibilities   |

"Out of difficulties grow miracles."
Jean de la Bruyere
Difficulties Measured   |

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
Albert Einstein
Life   |

Maybe it was a little miracle - maybe it was just something else explained through the vastness of the brain and how it works. I suppose his speech may have just been neurons connecting again for a short moment - I really think, though, that it was a miracle. Each of us has much to learn in life. A lot of life is unexplainable."
Byron Pulsifer
What Counts As A Miracle  |

"Miracles, in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain, surround us on every hand: life itself is the miracle of miracles."
George Bernard Shaw
Words of Encouragement   |

"Miracles are instantaneous, they cannot be summoned, but come of themselves, usually at unlikely moments and to those who least expect them."
Katherine Porter
Inspirational Poems   |

"Impossible situations can become possible miracles."
Robert H. Schuller
The View From A Hospital Window   |

"Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature."
St. Augustine
Appreciation   |

"I believe in miracles . . . prayers that are answered and healing hands."
John McLeod
I Believe In Miracles   |

"When total faith is present, the impossible will occur; but it is God's doing, from beginning to end. This is the type of trust that produces miracles - great miracles!"
Michael Caputo, The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Faith   |

"God knows what we need before we do, and he likewise knows when we need a miraculous intervention in our lives. Our first responsibility is to seek God's will - nothing more, nothing less."
Dr. Steven Stiles, Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles
God   |

"Yes, prayer is powerful and miracles come from it every day. But if we fail to pray, we make it nearly impossible to be who God wants us to be."
J.W. Boggs, Deodorant Christianity
Prayer   |

"When people begin to praise the Lord and give Him glory for the miracles, the faith level begins to rise Faith and high praise will usher in the Glory cloud, creating an ideal atmosphere for greater miracles."
Bill Vincent, Glory: Revival Presence of God
Let God Guide You   |

"It couldn't have been easy for Moses. Despite all of the miracles, all of the signs and wonders that God had provided, the people were fickle and quick to turn against both Him and the man that He had put in charge."
Paula Casill, My Brother's Keeper: Redefining Relationships in the Body of Christ
Inspirational Words To Encourage   |

"God has done an amazing miracle in our day and time by giving each one of us a divine perfect spirit person on the inside."
Carolyn Molica, Wings: A Journey in Faith from the Earthly to the Heavenly - Part 4
Time   |

"The mind of Christ, seen in Jesus' lifestyle, illustrates this beautifully. He confronted storms, healed bodies, multiplied food, and did countless other miracles to reveal Heaven's effect on earth."
Bill Johnson, God is Good
Beauty   |

"Jesus performs miracles today to turn the most prideful and independent people to faith in Jesus."
Robert Medlin, The Power of Miracles: Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever
Motivation   |

"Jesus did many mighty and miraculous acts in the past and is still doing wonderful works today."
Vivika Tall, Salvation's Purpose: The Passionate Pursuit
Purpose   |

"Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense, verything that comes from love is a miracle."
Helen Schucman, A Course in Miracles
Love   |

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