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Let these peace quotes remind you of the many types of peace we all want - world peace; a peace of mind; inner peace; a harmony among friends and family. Peace can be a reconcilation or a truce but there has to be unity and love for lasting peace.

"You who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness." Helen Schucman, A Course in Miracles
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"Money can never buy happiness, or peace of mind."

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"When it comes to experiencing peace, we can't cram it in at the last minute; we need to build a foundation for it by giving God's Word a central place in our lives."
Brian Hardin, Passages
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"If we heed Martin Luther King's call today, we can launch a struggle that can catapult our nation into a new century of even more exciting progress toward the ideal of peace with social justice.
Dorothy F. Cotton, Why We Can't Wait (King Legacy)
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"Peace is not something that can be 'achieved' but rather something that one must BECOME."
Beau Norton, How to Find Peace
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Peace brings with it so many positive emotions that it is worth
 aiming for in all circumstances.
"Peace brings with it so many positive emotions that it is worth aiming for in all circumstances."
Estella Eliot, Positively Christian
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"If you really want to feel at peace, then your goal is to let go of the ego which separates us from being at one with all which is."
Kevin Kerr, How to Be Happy and Live Life to the Fullest
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"Peace and harmony can only remove human suffering, and degradation."
M K Soni
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"I have learned that there is much peace to be found in accepting that a Higher Power with greater plans for our lives than we can ever fathom."
Julie Donner Andersen
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"By simplifying your life, you could find that niche of inner peace that everyone longs to have."
Julianne Neilson, Declutter You
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"When we place God at the center of our lives, we find unexplainable joy, balance and peace."
Brittany Ann, Putting God First
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"Sometimes we have to answer those who wrong us. We owe it to ourselves and to them to clear up things. But if you do write, then write that letter upon your knees, as it were. Don't give them a piece of your mind - you will lose your own peace of mind if you do!"
E. Stanley Jones
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"Not only does prayer produce peace in the darkness, but it is also the priority of the church."
Sammy Tippit, The Approaching Darkness
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"In order for there to be peace it may mean that a person needs to apologize for a wrong spirit, or attitude."
Stanford Murrell, Blessed Are: Finding True Happiness in the Words of Jesus
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"In heaven, we will be fully satisfied in all of these areas. We will all be at peace with each other and feel the love."
Daniel Colston, Jesus Without Lines: Erasing the Lies and Embracing the Savior
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"The reality is that this is how you know if you're getting closer to God: more kindness, more gentleness, more joy, more peace, more patience."
Matt Brown, Awakening: How God's Great Move Inspires & Influences Our Lives Today
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"Remember too that we can all throw ourselves a lifeline - not a deadline - by appreciating just how precious life really is in the present moment. Peaceful, enduring happiness right now."
M. P. Neary, Free Your Mind
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"Calmer mind, more peaceful mind is the mind which is not running around wild wasting energy because it tries to cope with all the stresses and solve all the problems at the same time."
Usual Oddman, Happiness Step By Step
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"Be thankful for what you have and all the blessings in your life and you will surely dose off peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed."
Bree Miller, Gratitude & Happiness: A Guide to Feeling Grateful, Happy And Free
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"I think what you want and what we all want is a sense of peace; that we are living the life that we actually want to live."
Joe Zeller, How To Wake Up Early: For Super Lazy People
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"Meditation is a method to transform your mind. It is finding your mental place of serenity, peace, and calmness."
James O'Donnell, How to Become Patient: How to Build Patience and Remove Impatience
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"Inner peace will set you free from the shackles of everyday society, allowing you to be your true self under any circumstances."
Robert Washington, Inner Peace and Happiness In 14 Steps
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"Even in midst of chaos and heartache, you can find peace."
Willow Cross, Getting Over It
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"Truth will always be the path to peace."
Tsang Lindsay, Live Free: Re-Write Your Story
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"Depending on our perspective on spirituality, our prayers may not be automatically answered, but we feel better after praying or even meditating. We feel at peace."
Dr. Rob Bell; Bill Parisi, Don't "Should" On Your Kids: Build Their Mental Toughness
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"I learned in those moments that true peace comes from within and I learned to be patient by learning to be around those that I love."
E'yen A.Gardner, Husband Rules: A Guy's Playbook on How to Win in Marriage
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"God created marriage to be a place of joy, peace, love, and happiness."
Dr. Kenton D. Wiley, I Know I'm Married But...: 25 Principles To Avoid Cheating
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"If you ever want to reach a place of peace and contentment in your life you will need to at least be willing to forgive."
Olivia Hope, If life throws you lemons, make lemonade!
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"Only when we've experienced darkness can we truly know what it's like to be in the peace of the light."
Corey Gladwell, The Human Experience
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"There are good number of reasons for people to believe in God and pray to the all powerful force. Some do it to find peace."
Ramesh Revuru, That's I.T
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"Although signs can be found of an outward nature, they are only of a temporary happiness, it is within your own heart that you will find everlasting peace."
Paul Keller, Peace
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"One of the most effectual panaceas for certain varieties of sleeplessness is going to bed at peace with all the world, and with a conscience void of offense toward God as well as man."
John Harvey Kellogg, Plain Facts for Old and Young
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"Mother Teresa believed that 'peace begins with a smile' and that showing love to our fellow man could make a massive difference."
Scarlett Johnson, 40 Inspirational Life Lessons And Timeless Wisdom From The Life Of Mother Teresa
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"I know for my wife and I, when we go through hard times in our marriage, it is only God that brings peace and harmony again."
Brandon Harrison, I Trust You Lord: 3 Day Devotional
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"One thing about God, he talks to us without physically saying a thing. If you have enough faith to let peace be still in your life, you'll hear him."
Jerrica Davis, No One Knows Your Cry: The 20 Reasons Why
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"We may have to wait for justice and peace in the world, but we can know God's forgiveness for our sins on a personal level and be at peace with him right now."
Brian Johnston, Overcoming Objections to Christian Faith
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"Reading about Jesus, and how much he loves you, and what he has done for you, will strengthen your faith and give you comfort and peace."
Robert Medlin, Hallowed be Your Name: God has a name and His name is Jesus
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When you feel peaceful and successful, you want to extend and export that peace and love. The violence, hatred, prejudice, and judgment in our world suggests that we have miles to go to reach a world of inner and outer peace.
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace
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"The experience of dying frequently includes glimpses of another world and those waiting in it. Although they provide few details, dying people speak with awe and wonder of the peace and beauty they see in this other place."
Maggie Callanan; Patricia Kelley, Final Gifts
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