Prayer Quotes and Sayings

Prayer is giving thanks to God and includes our requests to Him in faith. Let these prayer quotes and sayings remind you of the importance of having a relationship with God and prayer is one way that strengths that.

"We use prayer when we need something, but praying is also for giving thanks for all your blessings."
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"Meditation and prayer are one of the most efficient tools we can use to inspire our world."
Frank Arrigazzi, TIP TOP Spiritual Lessons
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"Regardless of where you are or what country you are in, God knows your prayers."
D. Duane Engler, 40 Prayers of Forgiveness
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"Prayer is a conversation between you and God. Don't be afraid to talk to him. Don't worry about what you will say. Speak from your heart."
Nicky Gumbel
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"Make it your daily ministry to lift him up before your Heavenly Father. He needs a praying wife. Ask God to protect him and to protect your marriage."
Lisa Jacobson, 100 Ways to Love Your Husband l
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A person without prayer is like a tree without roots. Pope Pius XII
"A person without prayer is like a tree without roots."
Pope Pius XII
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"Yet prayer alone will not avail. Faith and works must always be associated."
John Harvey Kellogg, Plain Facts for Old and Young

"Our prayers are strengthened when we know God is listening and that He is faithful."
Dr. David Jeremiah
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"Prayer is the time exposure of the soul to the highest that we know and he who practices it will learn its central, primary and transforming importance. Prayer is the fulfillment of man's highest capacity to look not down alone nor out, but up, and to adore. Prayer is the road to the crowning experience of human life, being carried out of ourselves by something greater than ourselves to which we give ourselves. Prayer is taking in earnest the central affirmation of religion that there is a responsive Spirit at the heart of reality in communion with whom is our power and peace. True prayer is never an endeavor to change the divine purpose but is always an endeavor to release it through the one who prays into the world."
Harry Emerson Fosdick
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"Personal prayer, it seems to me, is one of the simplest necessities of life, as basic to the individual as sunshine, food and water -and at times, of course, more so. By prayer I mean an effort to get in touch with the Infinite. We know that our prayers are imperfect. Of course they are. We are imperfect human beings. A thousand experiences have convinced me beyond room of doubt that prayer multiplies the strength of the individual and brings within the scope of his capabilities almost any conceivable objective."
Dwight D. Eisenhower
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"Prayer is the pillow of religion."
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"There is no one time that prayer is required nor is there just one place. Prayer is something that you may engage in more than you think."
Byron Pulsifer
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"If you would never cease to pray, never cease to long after it. The continuance of your longing is the continuance of your prayer."
St. Augustine
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"Prayer is one of the greatest assets that a Christian could possess, but sometimes it seems to be a real challenge to make it a full part of our devotional life."
Brian Johnston, Windows to Faith - Insights For The Inquisitive

"Life has a way of presenting problems, difficulties and challenges that far supercede our own abilities but with the help of God through prayer, these issues can be put behind us."
Byron Pulsifer
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"Since God knows our future, our personalities, and our capacity to listen, He isn't every going to say more to us than we can deal with at the moment."
Charles Stanley
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"Pray as though no work would help, and work as though no prayer would help."
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"God does not listen to the prayers of the proud."
Hebrew Proverb
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"All I know is that when I pray, coincidences happen; and when I don't pray, they don't happen."
Dan Hayes
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"Pray that God would guide your search for Jesus this Christmas, and that He would open your heart to the revelation of His truth."
Christine Trevino, Experience Christmas
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"Prayer is essential to your relationship with Jesus. Talk to Him through prayer."
Britt Gillette, Coming To Jesus: One Man's Search for Truth and Life Purpose
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"Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God."
C. Ingraham-Brown, The Connection Between Prayer and Wealth, Is it Real?
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"Being light is turning the other cheek when you have been offended. Being light is not only publically forgiving a person that would choose to be your enemy, but it's also including your enemy in your prayers at night."
Matthew Robert Payne, Finding Intimacy with Jesus Made Simple
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"Regardless of your current life circumstances, spend some time in prayer right now thanking God for who He is and what He has done for you."
Erwin W. Lutzer, Getting to No
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"We can take our questions, doubts, needs, dreams, and circumstances to the Lord in prayer, asking him to reveal the answers in Scripture."
Joel Patchen, Love is for Eternity
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"When we discipline ourselves by watching what we put into our hearts and minds, by doing the hard work of Bible study, by investing in prayer, and by faithfully surrounding ourselves with a group of like-minded believers, we begin to deepen and mature."
Mark J. Musser, Finding the True You: Discover Who You Were Created to Be
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"Although God's grace, favor, and honor are freely given, you can pray to receive these benefits in your life."
Jimi Akanbi, The Power of Grace, Favor and Honor

"Daily prayers to God should never be seen as a task. It should be a necessity in our life just as air is a necessity for us in order to breathe and live."
Oliver Powell, Prayer: The 100 Most Powerful Evening Prayer Every Christian Needs To Know
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"Giving is not just in money either. We can give unconditional love; we can give mercy, our prayers, our talents and services."
Jason Ponzio, Devotional Thoughts For The Day
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"I also would like to encourage you to pray over and pray with your children daily, no matter how young they are. The prayers you pray stick with them all throughout their life."
Brandon Harrison, I Trust You Lord: 3 Day Devotional
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"Let your decisions be comfortable and aligned with God. When there are still doubts, pray more until you find peace with the matter."
Carol Nkambule, Dear Girl Child
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"I pray that you will see the value of praying from scripture and will begin to create your own scriptural prayers."
Kim Trujillo, A Closer Talk with God: Scriptural Prayers for Women
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"When you fast and pray you are breaking through into the glory realm at an accelerated pace."
David Herzog, Living in the Glory Every Day
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"So what is prayer? I believe it is communication with God. It is an expression of our thoughts and feelings to God."
Margaret Weston, How Do I Know God Answers Prayer?
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"Prayers can be done at any time of the day or night, at home or workplace."
Dr. Mary Lee, Prayers: How I Achieve Everything through Prayers
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"Jesus' point is that there's more to prayer than sheer persistence. It takes believing that we serve a perfectly loving, all-knowing God who works life out according to his will, which is always good."
Erol Woods, Spirital Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime of Faith in Christ
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"When we are spending regular time in our Bible and diligently committed to prayer, no attack can stand against our minds and we can resist the temptations."
Adam Cumpston, 30 Days to Overcoming Depression & Anxiety
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When we pray we are demonstrating our belief in a power that is greater than our own.
Olive Steele, And When We Pray
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