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"Prayer: the key of the day and the lock of the night." Thomas Fuller
Serenity   |

"Prayer pushes us through life's slumps, propels us over the humps, and pulls us out of the dumps. Prayer is the oomph we need to get the answers we seek." Max Lucado, The Greatest Gift
Words of Encouragement   |  

"One of the best prayers you can say is to give thanks for all the blessings that you have."
Blessed   |

"If you do all the talking when you pray, how will you ever hear God's answers?" A. W. Tozer
Listening   |  

"Prayer is not a substitute for work, thinking, watching, suffering, or giving; prayer is a support for all other efforts." George Buttrick
Work   |  

"Prayer is self-discipline which comes as a result of discovering God's will and then making the necessary adjustments within one's thoughts, feelings and acts." Harry Emerson Fosdick
Expressions of God   |  

"I have lived to thank God that not all my prayers have been answered." Jean Ingelow
Thanksgiving   |

"Prayer is need finding a voice. Prayer is embarrassment seeking relief. Prayer is friend in search of friend. Prayer is a quest in the darkness of midnight. Prayer is knocking on a barred door. Prayer is communion through both darkness and closed doors. Prayer is shameless insistence in the name of another. Prayer is expecting and receiving all things whatsoever we need to meet the demands when Jesus our Friend calls on us." Ralph A. Herring
Friend   |  

"Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be the miracle." Phillips Brooks
Miracle   |  

"He who has ceased to pray has lost a great friendship." Richard L Evans
Friendship   |  

"Christ's lifestyle was a life of prayer." Adrian Ryan Lyons, Prayer: Why We Pray

"Pray always with special reference to the needs of the day and the hour; - the warfare to be waged, the temptations to be resisted, the work to be done, the sorrow to be borne; put your life into your prayer; and let it be the most real and the most immediate business of your life." Walter Rauschenbusch
Quotes about Life   |

"Prayer introduces us to the Great Companion who meets our human mind with His divine response. The man who has learned to pray is no longer alone in the universe. He is living in his Father's house." Williams Adams Brown
Knowledge   |  

"The greatest thing anyone can do for God and man is pray. It is not the only thing; but it is the chief thing. The great people of the earth today are the people who pray. I do not mean those who talk about prayer; nor those who say they believe in prayer; nor yet those who can explain about prayer; but I mean those people who take time to pray." S.D. Gordon
Great   |  

"Pray for peace on earth this Christmas." Kathryn Shirey, Pray Deep for Advent
Christmas   |  

"Seek God's face with fasting and prayer." Bill Vincent, Glory: Increasing God's Presence
Quotes about God   |

"Since prayer is considered to be a crucial facet in every Christian's life, we need to develop the habit and discipline to come to God in prayer, before we reach out for that cup of coffee." Steven Johnson, Prayer: Morning Prayers That Energize Including Bible Verses That Inspire
Habit   |  

"Jesus is the head of His church. While He allows us to pray through and make decisions from our hearts and with our minds, He rules, which is what we mean by saying He is our 'Lord.'" Jim Richards, Revelation: The Best is Yet to Come
Decision   |  

"Jesus is just a prayer away!" Greg Laurie, What the Devil Doesn't Want You to Know
Poems about Prayer   |  

"If the Bible and prayer are taken out of school, education will produce leaders with complex intellects but hollow moral foundations." Keith Intrater, Covenant Relationships: A More Excellent Way
Leadership   |  

"With all the promises contained in the bible, believers may at times be complacent in prayer." Carol Nkambule, Power Filled Word: Winning every battle, with the Word
Time   |

"Sometimes we're so busy waiting for God to answer our prayers that we sit waiting for an answer instead of living faithful, purposeful lives in the meantime." Jennifer Carter, Women of Courage : 31 Daily Devotional Bible Readings
Purpose   |  

"If we ask anything, but only if we ask according to His will. There is the key to effective prayer." Tony Watson, It's All About Relationships: A Study of the Five Fundamental Relationships
A Prayer to the Father   |  

"When a Christian is unhealthy, his prayers will primarily be selfish - concerned with one's own needs." Gregory Brown, Philippians: Pursuing Spiritual Maturity
Health   |  

"Prayer confesses our absolute dependence on God and his mighty hand in our lives." Matt Brown, Awakening: How God's Great Move Inspires and Influences Our Lives Today
Prayer Continued   |

"The importance of prayer in the life of every Christian cannot be overemphasized. Your personal growth and relationship with God is determined by the effectiveness and intensity of your prayer life." Bobbie Parsons Jr, Prayers: Praying For Gods Will In Your Life
Determination   |

"Prayer is a way to intercede for others. Words can be hollow when people are in great pain. Be intentional in the days ahead to pray for someone you know who is in a season of pain." Marsha Woodard, I Choose to Thrive
Choices   |

"Spend time in prayer and ask for wisdom on how to handle your toughest situations in a calm and mature way." Dianne Kane, Anger Management
Wisdom   |  

"Most of us probably talk to God on a daily basis within our minds, or in the form of setting aside some time for prayer and devotion. So why not pass along this gift of communicating with the Divine to our children?" Jason E. Royle, Jesus vs. Santa: Christmas Misunderstood
Children   |

"Nobody I meet ever says they feel like they spend too much time praying, or that they're too good at it." Rob White, Teach us to Pray
Good   |

"Prayer is what allows you to hear from God." Mathew Sunny, The Blessed Christian Walk
Communication   |

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Favorite Quote on Prayer:
". . . we should pray and intercede for our family members and especially those who cannot or will not pray for themselves."
Miriam Kinai, Boxed Set 5 Christian Sermons

Editor's Thoughts:
I find that Miriam's quote reminds us that we are not to only pray for ourselves, but we should pray for others. When you look at Jesus's life you will find that he prayed often and we can be sure that he prayed for others first.

So what is the meaning of prayer and intercede? When you look up the definition of prayer it states, "a request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God." And when you look up the definition of intercede it states, "intervene on behalf of another."

How often do we try and take things into our own hands and try to convince other people of our beliefs only to have it go very wrong? Personally, I have had situations I would rather not relive as it went from bad to worse. We may try to intervene ourselves by discussing God with the family member, but many times the person will not listen to us and in some cases it can cause dissension in families. In most cases, the discussion does not go well. Rather than argue and fight with our family member, it is always better to turn to God and pray to him to open their hearts. In so many families there is disagreement and, in some cases, disillusion with what and who God is. It is heartbreaking to realize that the people you love are missing out on the greatest thing this life has to offer - a relationship with a loving God. So when we pray, we should always pray for those family members and friends who do not know God. As we know, our prayers do make a difference and we know that nothing is impossible for God!

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